Media Releases


Nov 23, 2023  |  media release

The South Australian Opposition is warning that the productivity and safety of South Australia’s road network is being ignored by State and Federal Labor after $400 million worth of vital infrastructure cuts.

Regional SA roads ransacked in Labor’s savage funding cuts

Nov 16, 2023  |  media release

Five major South Australian infrastructure projects have been abandoned by the Federal Labor Government, in a devasting blow for the state – particularly regional SA.


Nov 14, 2023  |  media release

The Albanese Labor Government is withdrawing long standing funding support for road and rail
projects leaving South Australia to foot the bill.

Waves of frustration as Labor’s Aquatic Centre promises evaporate

Nov 12, 2023  |  media release

As protesters make waves at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre today, rallying against Peter Malinauskas’ repeated failures in delivering a new facility – the Opposition is strengthening its calls to keep the current centre open while the new complex is built.

River Road residents demand U-turn on Labor’s dangerous trucks plan

Oct 31, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition has joined worried River Road residents on the steps of Parliament today as they protest the Malinauskas Labor Government’s dangerous decision to divert trucks off Hahndorf’s main street and down the winding country road.

Labor’s tree cull fib as River Road green gets the chainsaw chop

Oct 25, 2023  |  media release

Almost 30 trees will be chopped down along River Road - despite assurances from Tom
Koutsantonis that only tree trimming was required - as the Malinauskas Labor Government
arrogantly pushes ahead with plans to divert 130 trucks down the route each day.

Tap and “oh no”: Daylight saving robbery for Adelaide bus users

Oct 05, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to immediately refund all bus users who have been overcharged due to an error on Adelaide’s public transport network.

Peter Malinauskas in hot water over Aquatic Centre privatisation plan

Sep 24, 2023  |  media release

The Malinauskas Labor Government’s gross hypocrisy has been exposed, after revelations they’re seeking a private operator for the new Adelaide Aquatic Centre - flying directly in the face of Peter Malinauskas’ fierce anti-privatisation rhetoric.

No-show Malinauskas sparks River Road fury for failing to front residents over ‘death trap’ plan

Sep 10, 2023  |  media release

Pic-op Premier Peter Malinauskas has lapped up the media spotlight riding in the back of ambulances, but has betrayed River Road residents by boycotting a community challenge to ride as a passenger in a truck along the dangerous route.

River Road for trucks? Put your money where your mouth is Peter Malinauskas

Sep 06, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition, truck drivers and furious Adelaide Hills community members have issued a challenge to Peter Malinauskas - ride as a passenger in a truck as it attempts to navigate past an oncoming heavy vehicle on dangerous River Road this Sunday.