Media Releases

Delivering on the Duggan Review

Oct 08, 2021  |  media release

A ground-breaking technology transformation to streamline SAPOL’s frontline operations – saving up to 30 minutes per officer each shift – and expansion of a nursing program in custodial facilities to relieve emergency departments, are among actions taken by the Marshall Liberal Government in response to the 2020 Independent Review into Frontline Policing (the Duggan Review).

Spring prescribed burn season gets underway 2021

Sep 25, 2021  |  media release

Roughly 9,000 hectares of public and private land will be targeted across South Australia as the Marshall Liberal Government begins the spring prescribed burn season to reduce the risk of bushfires impacting communities and the environment.

$13.5 million Automatic Vehicle Location solution pinpointed ahead of bushfire season

Sep 22, 2021  |  media release

Game-changing track-and-trace technology will revolutionise bushfire fighting in South Australia this summer with the rollout of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) equipment, enhancing fireground safety and intelligence during emergencies.

Sprung copper thief ordered to serve community for huge metal haul

Sep 21, 2021  |  media release

Theft offences have plummeted even further in South Australia as SAPOL continues to catch out amoral criminals who steal from others.

Big blades keep on spinning to save lives and lift spirits

Sep 16, 2021  |  media release

New-look state rescue helicopters are gracing South Australian skies as the crucial service continues to respond to emergency and time-critical situations, notching up about 1,200 missions each year.

National sovereign Large Air Tanker boosts bushfire protection ahead of summer

Sep 09, 2021  |  media release

A Large Air Tanker (LAT) will be based in Australia on year-round standby for aerial assaults on bushfires across the country following a $4 million boost by the Morrison Government to better protect lives and property.

Australian-first legislation aims to smoke out irresponsible drug drivers

Sep 08, 2021  |  media release

Nation leading legislation that supports SAPOL with additional power to remove drug drivers from South Australian roads immediately after a positive roadside test will be introduced into SA Parliament today – the first of its kind in Australia.

Drivers count cost of their poor choices as cars cop the crush

Sep 06, 2021  |  media release

Hundreds of hoons and shameful drivers have been caught risking lives over a two-month-long period, but a new road safety initiative has become a red light for those dangerous road users who are now unable to free their vehicles from impound without consequence.

Alleged machete-wielding offender tripped up by SAPOL technology

Aug 30, 2021  |  media release

DNA evidence has helped SAPOL arrest a male youth who allegedly concealed his identity with a mask before using a machete to rob a Port Lincoln service station.

Better personal protection has front line SAPOL officers covered back-to-front

Aug 12, 2021  |  media release

Custom state-of-the-art body armour designed with the latest lightweight technology is protecting SAPOL officers on the beat as the Marshall Liberal Government’s enhanced personal safety rollout continues across South Australia.