River Road for trucks? Put your money where your mouth is Peter Malinauskas

Wednesday 06 September, 2023

The Opposition, truck drivers and furious Adelaide Hills community members have issued a challenge to Peter Malinauskas - ride as a passenger in a truck as it attempts to navigate past an oncoming heavy vehicle on dangerous River Road this Sunday.

The exercise will be used to highlight cries from the community that River Road - Labor’s solution to divert trucks from Hahndorf’s main street - is too dangerous to accommodate 130 trucks a day which could result in tragedy and serious injury.

The driver of a fully loaded log pile truck will also attempt to navigate River Road.

Following the demonstration, Peter Malinauskas is also being invited to front residents from River Road - who were blocked from consultation over Labor’s plan - at a community meeting so those impacted can finally have their say.

The Opposition has contacted Peter Malinauskas with its invitation. The demonstration and community meeting will proceed regardless of the Premier’s presence.

Last weekend up to 70 people gathered along River Road to vent their fury at Peter Malinauskas’ diversion plan that has been labelled a “death trap”.

Despite testimony from truck drivers that River Road is too narrow, windy, and unsuitable for heavy vehicles, Labor is arrogantly pushing ahead with the plan.

Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Vincent Tarzia, said Peter Malinauskas owes the community and truck drivers to test his solution first-hand.

“It’s time for Peter Malinauskas to put his money where his mouth when it comes to Labor’s dangerous plan to divert trucks down River Road,” Mr Tarzia said.

“If River Road is safe for trucks, other motorists, cyclists and horse riders, Peter Malinauskas will have no problems travelling as a passenger in a heavy truck as two pass each other on the dangerous thoroughfare.

“After the demonstration Peter Malinauskas needs to look local residents and truck drivers in the eye and tell them that his plan to send heavy vehicles down River Road is safe.”


Member for Heysen Josh Teague said he now has first-hand experience inside a truck travelling on River Road.

“If Peter Malinauskas’ plan for River Road is to proceed then it is a disaster waiting to happen,” Mr Teague said.

“I was a passenger in a truck on Sunday that travelled along River Road - it’s a narrow and winding road and on several occasions the 18-metre truck was forced to cross the solid lines because there isn’t enough room.

“The truck hit branches and couldn’t travel the speed limit without increasing the danger of veering from the road and crashing into a home, power lines or huge trees.

“The conditions were clear and dry, yet it was still a dangerous drive - and the truck wasn’t even loaded with livestock as it would normally be.

“We do not support Peter Malinauskas plan to send trucks down River Road, but now I know the consequences of Labor’s decision could be life-ending.”