Media Releases

Community rallies against Labor’s Hahndorf truck solution as hidden $165m cost revealed

Sep 04, 2023  |  media release

Adelaide Hills community members have gathered in a show of force to protest the Malinauskas Labor Government’s plan to divert trucks from Hahndorf’s main street and instead send them down River Road - a band-aid solution that has been described as a “deadly decision”.

Hope fades for regional SA road projects as Labor remains silent on infrastructure review

Aug 21, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on Labor to reveal the future of crucial regional road and infrastructure projects that were subject to a 90-day review which ended this month.


Urgent need as access taxi users waiting on a ride and another year for Labor’s review

Aug 13, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to fast track a year-long review into access taxis - which Tom Koutsantonis admits will take at least another 12 months to finish - as the state’s most vulnerable battle huge wait times for transport.

Liberal Party vows to reward good driving behaviour with incentives

Aug 06, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition will put driver incentives on the table for young motorists to reward responsible behaviour and help save lives – a sensible and motivational initiative following yet another tragic death on South Australian roads.

Multinational hypocrisy as Peter Malinauskas sends $120 million contract overseas

Jul 18, 2023  |  media release

Peter Malinauskas’ hypocrisy has been put on full display, on one hand claiming to stand against multinationals and sending profits overseas, but on the other awarding a $120 million contract to a Spanish company over South Australian businesses.

Labor goes silent on e-scooter legislation following unnecessary seven-month delay

Jul 17, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on Peter Malinauskas to speed up when it comes to the potential legislation of e-scooters and other mobility devices, with Labor’s community consultation on its proposal completed almost two months ago.

Labor warms up the bulldozers as Aquatic Centre users are left high and dry

Jul 11, 2023  |  media release

There are fears Labor will leave users of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre high and dry after Tom Koutsantonis admitted not everyone who uses the current facility will be able to be relocated to an alternative site while the new centre is being built.

Marryatville High still waiting on red light camera as Labor delay school crossing upgrades

Jun 26, 2023  |  media release

The Malinauskas Labor Government remains silent on desperate community calls for a red light camera to guard the Marryatville High School crossing, while budget papers have revealed SA’s crucial School Crossing Program has been delayed a year potentially leaving children at risk.

Peter Malinauskas’ $155 million pool sinks hopes

Jun 22, 2023  |  media release

A devastated 87-year-old man living with disability who uses the Adelaide Aquatic Centre every day is one of thousands who will lose access to the facility for at least 16 months to accommodate Peter Malinauskas’ project blowout that includes a new $55 million waterslide.

Labor delivers 60 years of delays for key infrastructure projects

Jun 21, 2023  |  media release

Budget papers have revealed the Malinauskas Labor Government has delayed 47 infrastructure projects across South Australia by a combined 60 years - with 13 key builds suffering a timeline blowout of two years or more.