Media Releases

Niche thieves cop it sweet for catalytic convertor crimes

Jun 16, 2021  |  media release

Three men have been arrested following a targeted SAPOL operation that investigated a series of crimes involving the theft of catalytic convertors from cars.

$4 million for 100 additional electronic monitoring bracelets to track offenders

Jun 15, 2021  |  media release

The Department for Correctional Services’ (DCS) sophisticated offender tracking program will be expanded with an extra 100 electronic monitoring bracelets to monitor offenders re-entering the SA community.

168 extra officers for COVID operations frees up resources for frontline

Jun 10, 2021  |  media release

A significant boost to policing resources across the state will further enhance the safety and security of South Australians, with the Marshall Liberal Government to deliver an additional 114 Protective Security Officers (PSO) to reinforce SAPOL’s successful COVID-19 response.

Wallet whack for hoons – cough up the cash or kiss your car goodbye

Jun 07, 2021  |  media release

Hoons and dangerous drivers whose cars and motorcycles have been impounded will have an extra 10 days to pay a release fee before their vehicles are crushed or sold for scrap metal.

Cost of candle fires in the millions, igniting fresh warning for Home Fire Safety Week

Jun 01, 2021  |  media release

Preventable candle fires have left a trail of destruction across the state over the past five years, causing almost $8 million damage to 113 South Australian homes.

National Road Safety Week concludes, but fight to prevent lives lost continues

May 24, 2021  |  media release

The life-ending and tragic consequences of irresponsible road behaviour must remain at the forefront of motorists’ minds, with authorities renewing pleas for South Australian drivers to stay safe and accountable for their actions.

Wear Orange Wednesday and support our SES volunteers

May 19, 2021  |  media release

The colour orange is synonymous with bright overalls donned by South Australia’s dedicated SES volunteers and today marks a special opportunity for the community to show appreciation for those who help keep our state safe.

SAPOL halts business break-ins with public tip-off, as crime rates continue to reduce in SA

May 18, 2021  |  media release

A burglar believed to be responsible for a month-long crime spree targeting South Australian businesses has been arrested as the investigation continues to gain momentum.

Strengthening South Australia’s Emergency Services Sector

May 11, 2021  |  media release

South Australia’s response to bushfire emergencies will be bolstered, under new legislation that passed State Parliament today.

Team up South Australia and tackle bad driving behaviour

May 03, 2021  |  media release

It’s the South Australian AFL rivalry that divides families and friends, but the Marshall Liberal Government is calling for footy fans to put their differences aside and work together to tackle bad driving behaviour ahead of this weekend’s Showdown clash.