Media Releases

Save lives, not minutes - Labor has power to choose

Aug 23, 2022  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to shelve an unnecessary southern suburbs ramp project in favour of an additional arrester bed as well as other safety measures to potentially save lives on the South Eastern Freeway.

North-South Corridor secrecy will be a slap in the face for South Australians

Aug 22, 2022  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to release – in full – to the public a departmental review of the final stage of the North-South Corridor with expectations it will be complete in coming days.

Mind the gap – Labor’s $118 million train and tram secret shortfall

Aug 17, 2022  |  media release

The Malinauskas Labor Government has been caught out trying to hide the true cost of killing off the contract with Keolis Downer after it was revealed savings made by keeping the train and tram operator on board are still in their budget.

Inflation rate skyrockets as Malinauskas throws cost of living grenade at footy fans

Jul 27, 2022  |  media release

Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide fans are set to pay to use the popular Footy Express bus, train and tram services after it was revealed the free public transport scheme could be transitioned to a “user pays” system.

Spacious $1.3m home with a pool left vacant during the housing crisis

Jul 16, 2022  |  media release

The Opposition has uncovered yet another spacious, family home acquired for the North-South Corridor which has been left vacant almost four months in the middle of a housing crisis.

100 days is up but where is Labor’s Commission of Inquiry?

Jun 28, 2022  |  media release

South Australians have been stood up again as the Malinauskas Labor Government fails to deliver on another election promise – this time the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry into public transport to kill the $2.1 billion Keolis Downer contract.

When will Peter Malinauskas cut ties with Keolis Downer’s “lesser service”?

Jun 27, 2022  |  media release

As the Gawler electrification project finally comes online today, the future of train operator Keolis Downer and hundreds of jobs still hang in the balance with the Malinauskas Labor Government promising South Australians it would rip up the contract if elected.

Billion-dollar buck ends with Koutsantonis and his costly captain's call

Jun 01, 2022  |  media release

In a damning discovery on the eve of delivering its first budget, the Malinauskas Labor Government has been caught out red-handed siphoning a billion dollars from the most important infrastructure project in state history to prop up its lofty election commitments.

Green light signals go for new decade-long Strategy to save lives on our roads

Jan 29, 2022  |  media release

A significant reduction in the number of lives lost and serious injuries on South Australian roads over the next decade is the focus of a new 10-year road safety strategy unveiled today.

$80m Emergency Services HQ handles the heat in response to bushfires and floods

Jan 27, 2022  |  media release

SA’s bolstered response capability for weather-related disasters has been on full display in recent days with the state’s best emergency services minds working together at their new $80 million purpose-built headquarters to protect the community from bushfires and extreme floods.