Media Releases

Labor’s train troubles after Belair bike blunder

Feb 20, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to put extra services on the Belair train line after their broken promise for an extra carriage for mountain bike riders has resulted in antisocial behaviour on the popular route.

Free water for commuters in heatwave hit as health system struggles with demand

Feb 20, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to provide free water to commuters at major public transport stations this week in a bid to help combat scorching temperatures – and as a preventive measure to keep people out of overcrowded hospitals and ramped ambulances.

Bill to give e-scooters the green light in SA

Feb 08, 2023  |  media release

Today, the Opposition introduced a Bill into Parliament that could be a game-changer for e-scooter riders in South Australia.

The Bill aims to abolish the current hefty fines of $2000 for riders caught using privately owned e-scooters in public spaces, by enabling all e-scooters – and some other mobility devices – to be ridden on road or road related areas safely.

Protect our P-platers with targeted campaign

Feb 07, 2023  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to fund a targeted social media campaign, educating our most inexperienced road users on the consequences of risk-taking behaviour after another shocking P-plate incident involving leader David Speirs.

Cruising to a solution for e-scooter confusion

Jan 27, 2023  |  media release

Hefty $2000 fines for e-scooter riders will be abolished under new legislation to be introduced by the Opposition, with new laws to allow privately owned devices to be used in public spaces.

Volunteer’s car towed as access to Women’s and Children’s Hospital impacted by road closures and restrictions

Jan 17, 2023  |  media release

A Women’s and Children’s Hospital volunteer had her car towed and faces a massive fine after shock road closures and restrictions were introduced today. The woman’s car was towed from MacKinnon Parade which has been turned into a no standing zone. Healthcare workers raised concerns with the Opposition about poor access to the WCH.

CFMEU honours John Setka’s personalised tram in bizarre wrestling video

Jan 16, 2023  |  media release

The CFMEU has lapped up Peter Malinauskas’ warm welcome to South Australia by chanting and bizarrely wrestling in front of a publicly-owned tram emblazed with union propaganda that Labor has admitted is in breach of government rules.

North-South nightmare lingers as Labor refuses to pay out millions

Jan 11, 2023  |  media release

A former business owner who sheltered domestic violence victims and the homeless – but lost his property seven weeks ago after it was acquired for the North-South Corridor – is now himself struggling to make ends meet.

Assurances needed SA won’t be left to foot $5.5 billion

Dec 20, 2022  |  media release

Serious questions still surround the future of train operator Keolis Downer – and hundreds of South Australians jobs – as the Malinauskas Labor Government struggles to deliver one of its flagship election promises.

Labor kneecaps Auditor General with “unprecedented” funding cut

Nov 07, 2022  |  media release

The Auditor-General has revealed his shock over an “unprecedented” funding cut to his department – Peter Malinauskas’ decision to do so the first of its kind in state history – that “undermines the Auditor-General’s independence” in another Labor hit on transparency.

Auditor-General Andrew Richardson described the surprise $1.492 million budget cut as “the first I am aware of ever being imposed”.