Multinational hypocrisy as Peter Malinauskas sends $120 million contract overseas

Tuesday 18 July, 2023

Peter Malinauskas’ hypocrisy has been put on full display, on one hand claiming to stand against multinationals and sending profits overseas, but on the other awarding a $120 million contract to a Spanish company over South Australian businesses.

The Malinauskas Labor Government today revealed ACCIONA has been awarded the contract for the Majors Road project, in complete contrast to the Premier’s mantra of “standing up” to multinationals so we don’t “have to worry about overseas profits”.

In the past 16 months, Peter Malinauskas has taken vicious swipes at Keilos Downer:

“The government is fulfilling its commitment of reversing the train and tram privatisation, bringing it back into public control and the reason why that matters of course is no longer do we have to worry about overseas profits,” he said.

And was quick to slam Westfield over a new parking model thanking his team for “standing up to a multinational who sought to boost its profits”.

Almost 1000 people have supported a Liberal Party campaign against the project, which is comfortably more than the 750 people who responded to the government’s official consultation - of which 35 per cent rejected the project.

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Vincent Tarzia, labelled Peter Malinauskas as a “walking hypocrite who flips and flops more than a fish out of water”.

“Peter Malinauskas loves to bark about how his Labor Party stands up to multinationals and their overseas profits, but at the first opportunity to back in his mantra, he folds and hands out a $120 million contract to foreign a company,” Mr Tarzia said.

“We know most of the community is against this project and a leaked feasibility study from 2020 shows the Majors Road build doesn’t stack.

“It shows the Majors Road project would provide little to no benefit until the completion of the North-South Corridor and could actually increase traffic on nearby roads such as Brighton Road and Adams Road.

“With escalating building costs impacting projects across the world, we hold serious doubts Majors Road can be completed for $120 million, meaning it could be that Peter Malinauskas has cut corners to keep the cost down.”