Media Releases

Malinauskas Government shuts down Auditor General request over targeted grant payments

Nov 07, 2022  |  media release

The Malinauskas Labor Government has refused the Auditor General access to crucial documents to justify $133 million of grant payments – promised to key seats before the March election – which were not “conducted within the public sector framework and processes”.

The damning conclusion was outlined in the latest Auditor-General’s Report.

A billion dollars off the books as North-South Corridor future looks uncertain

Nov 02, 2022  |  media release

Crucial federal funding worth $1 billion for the delay-plagued North-South Corridor has been pushed beyond the forward estimates, a Senate Estimates Hearing has been told.

The revelation came to light on Friday when an Infrastructure and Transport Department official told a Senate Committee “we’ve moved a little over a billion dollars, about 1.1 billion, out of the forward estimates for that project”.

Belair bike riders abandoned with another broken Labor promise

Oct 31, 2022  |  media release

Labor’s hit the brakes on a pre-election promise to add an extra carriage on weekend Belair line train services to accommodate mountain bike riders travelling to the popular Mitcham Trail Network – in another blow to the increasingly popular recreation group.

Major disaster at Majors Road angers local community

Oct 31, 2022  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to release modelling which justifies a $120 million project to install Southern Expressway on/off ramps at Majors Road with a leaked feasibility study from 2020 showing the project “could not be justified”.

Council must stop horsing around in manure footpath furore

Oct 31, 2022  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on Mayoral candidates standing for election in the City of Marion to commit to overturning a decision to ban free footpath manure supplied by stables in the Morphettville Racecourse area.

Labor’s hidden North-South Corridor plans come to light

Oct 18, 2022  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to publicly release its “completed” review of key elements of the North-South Corridor project after a hidden website revealed startling new details.

North-South Corridor becomes land of limbo

Oct 17, 2022  |  media release

The homes, businesses and future of hundreds of South Australians hang in the balance as the Malinauskas Labor Government refuses to reveal its final plan for the delayed – and cost blowout plagued – North-South Corridor project.

Tom Koutsantonis is yet to justify his decision to change the final design of the now estimated $15 billion project and continues to hide behind a snail-paced review while concerned communities along the corridor are kept in the dark.

Peter Malinauskas fails to deliver on a promise… again

Sep 30, 2022  |  media release

South Australians have been left in the lurch once again by Peter Malinauskas who has failed on his promise to open major Service SA branches on Saturdays.

In Labor’s election policy document, Peter Malinauskas declared a “government I lead” will ensure Service SA “opening hours will be extended to make it easier for South Australians to access the services they need”.

Virtual reality education key to improving South Eastern Freeway safety

Aug 30, 2022  |  media release

The Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to rollout additional state-of-the-art heavy vehicle simulators (HVSim) to better educate truck drivers about the dangers of the South Eastern Freeway descent.

Labor drops the ball on women’s sport

Aug 28, 2022  |  media release

As season seven of the AFLW kicks off this weekend, the Opposition is calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to put a greater focus on women’s sport and commit to funding female sports facilities beyond this year.