Waves of frustration as Labor’s Aquatic Centre promises evaporate

Sunday 12 November, 2023

As protesters make waves at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre today, rallying against Peter Malinauskas’ repeated failures in delivering a new facility – the Opposition is strengthening its calls to keep the current centre open while the new complex is built.

The Opposition continues to be flooded with concerns from swimmers and families who use the current facility, distressed they’ll be displaced by Labor’s backflip on its promise to “allow the existing facility to remain open during construction of the new centre”.

More than 1000 people have signed a petition calling on Peter Malinauskas to reverse his decision to close the current Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

Early works on the new Aquatic Centre are now underway, with the current centre due to close on 1 August next year so demolition work can begin.

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Vincent Tarzia, said it’s time Peter Malinauskas and local Labor MP Lucy Hood stop arrogantly ignoring community concerns and keep their promise to have the existing facility stay open.

“The tidal wave of discontent over the Malinauskas Labor Government’s handling of the new Aquatic Centre isn’t subsiding and that frustration is clear to see today,” Mr Tarzia said.

“It’s not hard to understand why so many South Australians are frustrated as there’s been a steady stream of broken promises when it comes to this new facility.

“First Labor promised South Australians the centre would cost $80 million – but now taxpayers will be forced to cough up a total of $135 million so the facility can have an extra waterslide, all while SA families struggle to afford the basics during a cost of living crisis.

“Adelaide ratepayers will also be slugged an extra $20 million for the demo works, bringing the project’s total price tag to an eyewatering $155 million.

“Labor’s Lucy Hood told South Australians ‘the current facility will continue to operate while we build the new centre – meaning the hundreds of thousands of visitors, locals and families who rely on this service each year won’t miss out during the upgrade’ – but that’s now proven to be a brazen lie.

“Labor must stop pretending that South Australians have forgotten about their promises and stop ignoring the community’s concerns and keep the current Adelaide Aquatic Centre open for families like they said they would.”