Volunteer’s car towed as access to Women’s and Children’s Hospital impacted by road closures and restrictions

Tuesday 17 January, 2023

A Women’s and Children’s Hospital volunteer had her car towed and faces a massive fine after shock road closures and restrictions were introduced today. The woman’s car was towed from MacKinnon Parade which has been turned into a no standing zone. Healthcare workers raised concerns with the Opposition about poor access to the WCH.

With today’s forecast tipped to reach 38C, nurses, doctors, other healthcare workers, and patients will be forced to park even further from the hospital and face long walks in the dreaded heat.

And hospital staff who have access to permit parking in surrounding streets will be left stranded and forced to compete with other workers for limited spaces between 16-18 January.

The Malinauskas Labor Government has advised impacted public sector workers to “use alternative transport” or discuss with management the option of “working from home” to avoid congestion.

The road closures – for the Tour Down Under – will impact King William Road, War Memorial Drive, Kintore Avenue, MacKinnon Parade, Frome Road and Sir Edwin Smith Avenue.

The MacKinnon Parade Permit Zone parking spaces will be changed to a No Stopping Zone and policed from 17 January. Government material from 2015 shows 128 spaces are allocated to WCH staff.

Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Vincent Tarzia, echoed the concerns of frustrated staff at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

“The Tour Down Under is an important event for South Australia, but easy access to potentially lifesaving care for sick women and children must be the priority,” he said.

“We hold serious concerns for sick patients that may be unaware of the road closures and the potential chaos traffic congestion could cause when people are seeking urgent medical attention.

“It was 35C yesterday and 38C today, it is unacceptable to have people walking long distances in the heat for healthcare or for staff to do their jobs and save lives.”