Peter Malinauskas fails to deliver on a promise… again

Friday 30 September, 2022

South Australians have been left in the lurch once again by Peter Malinauskas who has failed on his promise to open major Service SA branches on Saturdays.

In Labor’s election policy document, Peter Malinauskas declared a “government I lead” will ensure Service SA “opening hours will be extended to make it easier for South Australians to access the services they need”.

However, more than six months on from the election, Service SA centres remain closed on Saturdays. In the wake of the Optus data breach, Service SA centres this week have been inundated with up to 200,000 impacted South Australians facing daunting line-ups that stretch for hours.

Leader of the Opposition David Speirs said Peter Malinauskas doesn’t have much to show for his first six months in office.

“Peter Malinauskas promised South Australians he’d open Service SA branches on Saturdays, but it’s been more than six months and doors remain shut,” he said.

“South Australians are quickly learning they cannot trust the words that come out of Peter Malinauskas’ mouth.

“The Optus data breach is terrible for customers and South Australians needing new licences face hours-long wait times, not forgetting workers who must be under more stress.

“But if branches were open on a Saturday – as Peter Malinauskas promised – it would significantly relieve wait times and give customers more flexibility to get new licences or complete other transactions.

“We saw on Thursday, with a stroke of a pen, how easy it was for Peter Malinauskas to extend Service SA trading hours. So, it begs the question why he hasn’t been able to deliver on his election promise.”

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Vincent Tarzia, said Labor’s six-month report card is a highlight reel of failures.

“It is becoming crystal clear that Peter Malinauskas said whatever it took to win the election but can’t follow through on his promises,” he said.

“South Australians are stuck with a Premier that is more interested in photo opportunities than delivering real results.

“A promise is a promise and South Australians expect and deserve better from Peter Malinauskas.”