North-South Corridor becomes land of limbo

Monday 17 October, 2022

The homes, businesses and future of hundreds of South Australians hang in the balance as the Malinauskas Labor Government refuses to reveal its final plan for the delayed – and cost blowout plagued – North-South Corridor project.

Tom Koutsantonis is yet to justify his decision to change the final design of the now estimated $15 billion project and continues to hide behind a snail-paced review while concerned communities along the corridor are kept in the dark.


Tom Koutsantonis recently guaranteed a business owner, live on radio, that he could have a third property valuation, but a month on is yet to deliver on his promise.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Party has been meeting with people impacted by Labor’s indecision to better understand how the process of home and business acquisition could be better managed.

Leader of the Opposition David Speirs said community feedback has been invaluable.

“The final piece of the decades-long North-South puzzle was ready to go until Tom Koutsantonis got involved. Now local communities, who had certainty, are back in limbo not sure if they will lose their homes or businesses,” he said.

“We have been listening and learning from people directly impacted by the North-South Corridor project. That is the only way you can deliver big projects with the least amount of hassle and disruption possible for those affected.

“We’ve heard there is a clear need for community support roles when major projects involve property acquisition.

“That means utilising home or business owners who have experienced property acquisition to support others going through the same process.

“To achieve this the Liberal Party will establish an Acquisitions Taskforce for future acquisition projects in South Australia.

“This is about ditching government suits for community-based project support officers who truly understand and empathise with the hardships surrounding property acquisition.

“This is a fantastic idea raised with us by a local business owner and an initiative that we will take to the 2026 State Election.”

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Vincent Tarzia, said community frustrations over Labor’s lack of transparency are boiling over.

“We need Tom Koutsantonis to come clean about the future of the North-South Corridor project because the community deserves answers,” he said.

“There are unsubstantiated reports flying around that the project could now cost up to $15 billion and that more family homes and businesses could be bulldozed to save money on shorter tunnels and additional lowered roadways.

“This innuendo doesn’t do anyone any good and we need the mess of this project cleared up now so people can start planning for the future.

“That’s why we’re calling for the full review to be released publicly this week so everyone can understand what’s happening.”