Tuesday 18 October, 2022

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (15:15): Another sitting week and another scandal engulfing this government. As we have heard today: leak 1, significant changes made to project reference design; leak 2, more property acquisition needed near the Anzac Highway and South Road intersection; and leak 3, elevated roadways removed in response to clear community feedback.

We know that they kept the Labor line away from the media during the election campaign, but they have not been able to keep them away today or also yesterday. It was not a good story: it was a horrendous story, a scandal. What we saw was complete and utter amateur hour when we saw the sensitive details of a revised plan into the north-south corridor on the front page of The Advertiser.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall yesterday in the member for West Torrens's ministerial office after a series of draft designs were leaked, because we know the member for West Torrens is well practised, he has form, in providing colourful feedback to public servants. As these leaks have been reported, they have come in just like a wrecking ball.

The minister should go down to Mile End Bunnings and get some Selleys All Clear, because these leaks are big and, let me tell you, I am sure that they are going to continue to come. It is not a watertight ship over there anymore. This is just the first of many. The question is: who is undermining the Father of the House? It is a most serious and grievous act. We must take these leaks quite seriously.

The details of this reveal a deluge of design changes. We saw not only the start of works pushed back until 2025 but the completion of this project now pushed back to 2032. Now even his own residents are staring down the tunnel of further acquisitions, which means even more uncertainty for motorists, residents and business owners as well. You really would have thought that there was going to be light at the end of the tunnel from this government but, as we have seen, there is no light at the end of the tunnel with Minister Koutsantonis, the member for West Torrens, in charge.

I need not remind the house that this was a project that, under the former Liberal government, stacked up under Infrastructure South Australia and stacked up under Infrastructure Australia as well. It was locked and loaded; it was ready to go. The only thing that changed was the government of the day, the government of the day who sacked the CE who, in turn, sacked the project lead.

We now find out that more property acquisitions are needed. Where? The minister cannot tell us. When? The minister cannot tell us. How many? The minister cannot tell us. For what price? The minister cannot tell us. What is it going to cost? When are we going to find out? So many questions are unanswered.

Over the weekend, I attended a local business with the Leader of the Opposition along South Road. This business cares and houses some of South Australia's most vulnerable residents. I spoke to some of these people and heard their inspirational stories and how much they value this particular asset. This particular business owner's plans have been thrown into chaos. On 14 September, he was promised by this government that he would be offered another valuation, and do you know what? A month later—guess what—he still did not get that valuation.

Unfortunately, this is a microcosm of what is going on right along South Road. Let me tell you, the western suburbs of Adelaide are a beautiful place but, I tell you what, I am getting more and more contacts by the day.

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The SPEAKER: Order!

Mr TARZIA: They are coming into my electorate office, they are calling me, they are sending me emails. They are sick and tired of the arrogance of this government—

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The SPEAKER: Member for Badcoe!

Mr TARZIA: —and the arrogance of this minister.

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Mr TARZIA: Instead of chasing photo opportunities on his SDA boys' trip to Asia with the Premier and his mate, the Minister for Planning, what the member for West Torrens should have been doing is talking to the residents, talking to the business owners and talking to motorists who are affected by this delay every single day. We on this side of the chamber know all about opportunity costs, as good economists. Every dollar you waste on something you cannot afford is another dollar you cannot spend fixing things—like ramping, or improving our schools or our child protection system.

The Achilles heel of this government is going to be its failure to deliver its election promises. This government has a focus on activity and not solutions. We have seen this in the former Rann government, we have seen this in the former Weatherill government and now we are seeing it from this government. We always thought we would see it: it has taken only seven months.

This government needs to end the uncertainty for residents, end the uncertainty for motorists, end the uncertainty for business owners. Release the design for the north-south corridor and get on with delivering the project.

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