Labor’s sky-high hypocrisy at new TTP Park ‘n’ Ride

Monday 19 February, 2024

In a hugely hypocritical move, Peter Malinauskas is charging for parking at the new Park ‘n’ Ride facility at Tea Tree Plaza – despite introducing laws preventing fees at the shopping centre car park right across the road.

It means full-time workers who use the new government-owned car park – which opened on Friday – will be slugged more than $500 a year if they have a metroCARD, or $2,600 if they do not.

Most Park ‘n’ Ride car parks in Adelaide are free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Another government-owned car park in the area at Modbury Hospital also charges users.

Shadow Minister for Planning, Michelle Lensink, said it’s illogical to force a private operator to provide free parking on their property while simultaneously filling government coffers through fees at public car parks.

“Peter Malinauskas said it’s not fair to force shoppers and workers to pay for parking at their local shopping centre – so we find it completely hypocritical that he doesn’t share the same concern for those using the new Park ‘n’ Ride,” Ms Lensink said.

“Why is Labor ensuring there’s free parking for retail workers at Tea Tree Plaza, but retail workers who use the Park ‘n’ Ride to catch the O-Bahn into the city for work have to pay?

“Labor’s been out celebrating imaginary savings made at the Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre, so the mind boggles as to why they wouldn’t want to pass on cost of living relief to users of a car park the government actually owns.

“We’ve known all along Labor’s parking furore at Tea Tree Plaza wasn’t about easing cost of living pressures for South Australians – it was to appease Peter Malinauskas’ union mates at the SDA.”

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Vincent Tarzia, said fairness is a one-way street when it comes to Peter Malinauskas.

“This is a stunning display of double standards from Peter Malinauskas – who claims he wants to champion free parking for shoppers but slaps commuters with hefty fees at the newly opened Park ‘n’ Ride,” Mr Tarzia said.

“With South Australia’s public transport usage yet to bounce back to pre-COVID levels, the introduction of fees at this new facility could discourage commuters from using the Park ‘n’ Ride and hopping on the O-Bahn.

“Peter Malinauskas has shown he has selective concern when it comes to cost of living relief. If he’s prepared to shield shoppers from parking fees at a private business, he should look to do the same for hardworking healthcare workers at Modbury Hospital and public transport users.”