Labor’s botched Belair line extra carriage promise ends with MPs threat

Wednesday 17 April, 2024

The Malinauskas Labor Government is threatening to reintroduce BMX and mountain bike limits on the Belair train line after failing to deliver on its election commitment to add an extra carriage to the route dedicated for riders.

Labor MP Catherine Hutchesson made the threat on social media, citing the “poor decision making and behavioural issues” of children.

“Sadly some of the poor behaviour is such that these school holidays we will be considering our options about the reintroduction of bike limits on the train,” she wrote.

“It is disappointing that we have had to get to this point and I ask parents to let their kids know that a bad decision these school holidays, could result in ruining things for everyone going forward.

“If reports of poor behaviour continue then the decisions of some will impact the enjoyment of all.”

Prior to the election, Labor promised to “add an additional carriage on weekend Belair line train services” that would be “dedicated to bikes” to help handle increased patronage.

Labor was forced to backflip on the promise after it was confirmed the addition of an extra carriage is impossible. Instead of adding an extra carriage, the Malinauskas Labor Government refitted existing carriages to accommodate bikes which means there are now fewer seats on these services.

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Vincent Tarzia, said: “Labor’s Catherine Hutchesson is out of line because she was the one who promised an extra carriage for bikes on the Belair line in the lead up to the State Election.”

“Instead of delivering the extra carriage for the bike riders, Catherine Hutchesson is now lecturing parents about how to speak to their children and making comments about Labor wanting to reintroduce bike limits on the train,” Mr Tarzia said.

“This wouldn’t be an issue if Catherine Hutchesson delivered the extra train carriage like she promised. What incidents have occurred on the train that warrant small children being under watch by guards and security officers?”