Labor misses the start on appointing Greyhound Racing Inspector

Tuesday 02 April, 2024

The Malinauskas Labor Government has failed to appoint an independent inspector for the Greyhound Racing SA Independent Inquiry prompted by the lifetime ban of three dog trainers for live baiting.

Peter Malinauskas’ Labor Government gave assurances the inspector would be publicly announced by Easter to oversee 86 recommendations from the Greyhound Racing SA Independent Inquiry released in December last year.

Peter Malinauskas and struggling Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing, Katrine Hildyard, handed down the Independent Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing industry.

Each of the 86 recommendations was accepted by Labor.

With the promised deadline passed, the Opposition is calling on Peter Malinauskas to complete recommendation 57 – to establish the role of an independent inspector for greyhound racing reform, to be known as the Greyhound Industry Reform Inspector (GIRI).

Shadow Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing, Vincent Tarzia, said Peter Malinauskas and Katrine Hildyard are not taking racing industry reform seriously.

“Peter Malinauskas promised in December that Labor would have an inspector in place by Easter 2024,” Mr Tarzia said.

“It’s now Easter and there’s nothing but crickets from Peter Malinauskas and Katrine Hildyard with no appointment of the GIRI announced.

“If there is no GIRI, that means the rollout and completion of the crucial recommendations is already behind and delayed.

“The Liberal Party supports the greyhound industry, and we can all agree that live baiting is a disgusting and illegal practice. Those who live bait must be caught and banned to protect the racing industry animal welfare.

“We need to know who the GIRI is and with this frustrating delay, Peter Malinauskas must reveal when the 86 recommendations will be complete to ensure appropriate industry reform.”