Labor delivers 60 years of delays for key infrastructure projects

Wednesday 21 June, 2023

Budget papers have revealed the Malinauskas Labor Government has delayed 47 infrastructure projects across South Australia by a combined 60 years - with 13 key builds suffering a timeline blowout of two years or more.

The shocking delays have been laid bare in black and white in Labor’s budget papers (Budget Paper 4, volume 3 Page 117) and will lead to huge cost blowouts that will become the responsibility of taxpayers.

The below table shows there are 13 key projects that have been delayed by a combined 28.5 years. There are also another 29 projects with a one-year delay, including the Glen Osmond and Fullarton Road Intersection Upgrade and Hahndorf Traffic Improvements.

For example, Stage 1 of the Augusta Highway Duplication project has been delayed by three years, but astonishingly, funding for the project remains the same at $80 million.

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Vincent Tarzia, said the list of delayed projects is spiralling out of control under the Malinauskas Labor Government.

“What we see here is Peter Malinauskas pushing key infrastructure projects off into the never-never because there’s no money in Labor’s blown budget to get the crucial builds done for South Australia,” Mr Tarzia said.

“What this means is the projects might not ever start, or be abandoned all together, because Peter Malinauskas has run out of money to see them through.

“This is further proof that Peter Malinauskas can’t manage taxpayer money or key projects and when to comes to things that matter to South Australians, Labor has the wrong priorities.”