Friday 12 May, 2023

South Australian infrastructure is a loser in this week’s Federal budget, with no new funding and Labor’s 90-day infrastructure review throwing significant South Australian infrastructure projects in to doubt amidst continued uncertainty and speculation.

Member for Barker, Assistant Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Tony Pasin MP, said the Federal budget lacked the vision for improving our transport network.

“In my decade of Federal politics, I’ve never seen a government abandon infrastructure as a priority like this. Infrastructure is key to budget repair. It’s necessary to ensuring productivity of our freight network, not only to strengthen our economy but get Australians home sooner and safer,” Mr Pasin said.

“In a stark contrast to the Coalition, the Labor Government seem to be going backwards on building the infrastructure of the future and have no plan to ensure population growth is supported.”

Between 2013 and 2022 the Coalition Government committed $13.7 billion for South Australian infrastructure projects.

“Labor wasted no time in slashing more than $1.3 billion from South Australian infrastructure projects, including $1.17 billion delayed from the North-South Corridor Torrens to Darlington, $45.5 million from the abandoned Hahndorf Bypass project, and $21.3 million delayed from Truro Freight Route,” Mr Pasin said.

“12 months in Government and they are taking the axe further by announcing a review into the Infrastructure Investment Program, putting at least 24 projects worth $11.3 billion at risk.

“Minister King needs to clarify which of these projects are on the chopping block. Furthermore, the Minister needs to rule out if other rolling infrastructure programs are in the scope of the review such as the Bridges Renewal, Black Spot, Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity, and Roads of Strategic Importance Programs,” Mr Pasin said.

South Australian Shadow Infrastructure and Transport Minister Vincent Tarzia, said the State Labor Government was waiving the white flag at Canberra, rather than standing up for South Australia.

“South Australia shouldn’t be left to take a back seat when it comes to major infrastructure projects, but clearly Peter Malinauskas has taken his hands off the wheel,” Mr Tarzia said.

“Some of the most important infrastructure projects in the state’s history don’t even appear in Federal Labor’s Budget papers and that should ring alarm bells for all South Australians.

“Peter Malinauskas should have fought harder for South Australians, who deserve strong infrastructure investment to support growth, not cuts that will set us back decades.”