Tuesday 29 August, 2023

The Hon. V.A.TARZIA (Hartley) (15:26): I rise today to congratulate an absolute titan of sport in my local electorate—that, of course, is the Hectorville Football Club. The Hectorville Football Club senior women's team was lucky enough, fortunate enough, last weekend to win a premiership. How good is that?

An honourable member: Go the Heccies!

The Hon. V.A. TARZIA: Go the Heccie Hounds indeed. The senior women's division 4 has achieved a remarkable milestone this past weekend when the team faced off against the Eastern Park Football Club in a grand final that will certainly go down in Hectorville Football Club history. I am both proud and thrilled to say that the Heccies emerged victorious, with the senior women's team overcoming many hurdles and, through sheer will and skill, leading the team to victory.

I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to our formidable champions not just for winning but also for the spirit they displayed throughout the season, serving as inspiration to many young people, especially young women in our electorate. Their determination, courage and, in particular, their display of sportsmanship make them true role models for the younger fans and players as well.

I would also like to congratulate the Eastern Park Football Club, because it is quite an achievement to reach the grand final in the first place. It was a very hard-fought game and, while the final score ultimately tells us who walks away the ultimate winner, the commitment, courage and sportsmanship of our opponents are what make footy a great game to watch as well as to play.

When it comes to the Hectorville Sports and Community Club there is a whole range of sport played at that club throughout the year, and football is just one of the many sports offered. It is said there are approximately two and a half thousand people associated with the club, either through sport or through the community. In the past, Rotary groups and other community organisations have used the facility, but even during the day people walk their dogs on the grounds, or use the cafe underneath or the playground—which in recent times my young son has certainly liked to visit.

Whether it is through sport, parent roles, social, or community outings this is a fantastic club and every player, every coach, every supporter and every family member or volunteer associated with the club shares in this victory. They are certainly a part of what has been a very triumphant moment.

The former Liberal government was very proud to have delivered $280,000 in funding to this club, which went towards building female change rooms at the site. We should reflect back on this because this was certainly a catalyst for change that led to other tiers of government also coming in and contributing, and what we have seen there is an upgrade to what is a fantastic facility. Upgrades like this are extremely important. That upgrade occurred a number of years ago, and what it does is enable these young women to play the sport they love, to play at the level they deserve and to have the dignity of the appropriate change room facilities as well.

So congratulations again to the club: the senior women's division 4 team, our new premier team, and all the fans and members who share this win. We defeated Eastern Park eight goals five to two goals three, a 38-point victory. The two sides had been the best two sides across the entire season. Consequently, they finished first and second respectively at the end of the regular season fixture.

It is also interesting that the Hectorville Football Club has been fielding junior girls' sides for five years. They first fielded a senior women's side in 2021, so what you are seeing is a pipeline. I think what you are going to see at Hectorville is a dynasty of success. There is a squad of 30 players for the senior team, and 75 per cent of those are either foundation team members or juniors who have graduated to senior footy. How good is that? Five members are still eligible to play junior footy, so you are seeing, as I said, a genuine pipeline of talent. The more mature ladies are doing extremely well, and you are also seeing the young guns do well, so collectively you are going to see a dynasty at the Hectorville Football Club.

After losing round 1—and sometimes you need a loss in life and in football—they won 15 straight. The team is looking forward to pushing itself in the next division. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Hectorville Football Club senior women. Well done and all the very best for next year as well.