Saturday 20 February, 2016

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (16:21): I rise to speak about some events that I have had the pleasure of attending to support members of my community in Hartley. Yesterday I had the good fortune, along with many members here, to attend the SACE Merit Ceremony 2016. I want to congratulate the students who were lucky enough to have been awarded merits in respective subjects. One particular student, Isaac Nakone, of Rostrevor College attained six merits which is an absolutely outstanding feat. He and many other local students are extremely fortunate in our area to have wonderful schools, both public and private, which have given them a solid foundation when it comes to secondary education.

I also want to congratulate the families who have supported these students through their schooling, the parents—and also the teachers and the students themselves—because without a strong support mechanism at home and in the classroom the students simply cannot excel. I have no doubt that they will all go on to do bigger and brighter things and will do exceptionally well because of the great education that this state has provided to them.

I also attended last week the Payneham Bowling Club. I do these visits from time to time. I thank Richard Law who was good enough to show me through the premises that night. It was great to see that the Night Owls were alive and well and thriving, and to see hundreds of bowlers that night.

Mr Pederick: Barefoot?

Mr TARZIA: There were a couple of barefoot bowlers, absolutely. I know the colleague to my right is a keen supporter of bowls, as is one of the former members for Hartley Joe Scalzi. The Payneham Bowling Club provides fantastic hospitality. They do meals, they have functions, they are very welcoming to the public and they also have big bold plans for the future of bowls. It is encouraging to see that they are also looking at innovative ways to promote bowls to the next generation which is exceptional. I thank them for their hospitality and pledge my ongoing support for that organisation along with the other bowls organisations in my electorate. Kensington Gardens Bowling Club is another organisation that I was able to visit recently. I thank Peter and the committee for their hospitality for allowing us to get their thoughts and their aspirations for the club. We are here to support them in whatever way we can.

I also welcome the new Italian Consul to South Australia, Dr Roberta Ronzitti. It was a great pleasure on 4 February to attend the opening of the new offices of Com.It.Es, Dante Alighieri Society and also CO.AS.IT. reception was held that day and it consisted of a double ceremony not only to welcome the consul but also to officially welcome those new officers. It was great to see so many parliamentarians present.

I would especially like to pay tribute to His Excellency Pier Francesco Zazo, the Italian ambassador in Australia. I would like to thank all those who collaborated: the president of the SAIA, Phillip Donato, and the former president of the SAIA, Charlie Zollo, who made that event possible. I welcome with warmth Dr Ronzitti, the new consul. I have no doubt that, following her post in Mexico, she will do a fantastic job in South Australia. The community fought very hard to maintain consul presence some years ago. It was reassuring to hear from His Excellency Pier Francesco Zazo that the consul is here to stay.

I would also like to speak a little bit about the Sri Lankan Independence Day celebrations that I had the fortune of attending last week, a wonderful event on Friday night. I thank Dr Perera and his committee for all that they did, and also the Hectorville Cricket Club for putting on an annual Twenty20 cricket challenge day. I would like to congratulate Bill Leo the captain of the Twenty20 Hectorville Cricket Club.