Fogolar Furlan 65th Anniversary

Tuesday 28 November, 2023

The Hon. V.A. TARZIA (Hartley) (16:53): I rise today to talk a little bit about the Fogolar
Furlan club in Felixstowe in my electorate. This weekend, the club celebrates 65 magnificent years.
I want to take the opportunity to congratulate all the volunteers and staff who have made the Fogolar
Furlan club the place that it is over this 65-year period. For generations now—literally generations—
Fogolar Furlan has served our local community. To give an example, my parents had their wedding
reception there in the eighties.


Mr Pederick: Hear, hear! Look what happened out of that!

The Hon. V.A. TARZIA: Look what happened out of that—you see the member for Hartley
not that long after that event! I look at what the club is doing today. They are doing things for the next
generation. My son, Leonardo, goes to the little Italian class on Saturday mornings at the Fogolar
Furlan club.

This is a magnificent club. They have been able to showcase the very best of northern Italian
cuisine and culture. We in South Australia are certainly richer for having the benefit of the
experiences, the culture, the traditions, the language and the food here in South Australia. We are
certainly enriched by clubs like the Fogolar Furlan club. What I would like to do is finish off by saying
I would like to congratulate the Fogolar Furlan club on their 65th anniversary. Auguri! All the very best
for the next 65 ahead.