Council must stop horsing around in manure footpath furore

Monday 31 October, 2022

The Opposition is calling on Mayoral candidates standing for election in the City of Marion to commit to overturning a decision to ban free footpath manure supplied by stables in the Morphettville Racecourse area.

The well-known practice has been in place for more than a hundred years, but now the local council has pooh-poohed the tradition and is warning horse trainers to keep the manure off the verge – or face a fine.

Shadow Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing Vincent Tarzia said all those seeking to become Marion Mayor should pledge to reverse this decision once elected and allow common sense to prevail.

“This decision on Morphettville manure reeks of bureaucracy gone made,” Mr Tarzia said.

“Free manure on the footpath is a century-long tradition in the area and is truly a win-win situation for the local community.

“Stable owners are able to recycle waste that would otherwise end up in landfill and residents get great organic fertiliser for their gardens for free.

“I’ve spoken with horse trainers who say they are truly baffled by this decision and have never personally received any complaints about the practice.

“They’re also concerned by the Council’s suggestion to keep the bags of manure on their property instead.

“It just wouldn’t be safe for those looking to collect manure to just wander into the stables and there’s also the potential for horses to get loose.

“That’s why the Opposition is calling on all those running for Mayor in the City of Marion to commit to reversing this decision.

“This is a practice that is good for the environment and synonymous with the Morphettville area.

“It hasn’t caused any issues in over a hundred years so I’m stumped as to why it’s causing a stink now.”