Thursday 04 June, 2015

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (12:11): I also recognise the benefits of grassroots community sport and recreation to South Australia, and I also urge the state government to reverse its decision to reduce funding to the Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program by $3.5 million per annum from 2015-16. I also call on the state government to ensure that all community sport and recreation grants are indexed by CPI.

If the government helped, and if the government kept the $3.5 million figure I spoke about, projects in my electorate would be more likely to happen. I just want to point out some of these because I want to support these local clubs in my community. We all know that sport is fundamental and fantastic for our young people. It teaches them how to win, it teaches them about losing, it teaches them about discipline and it teaches them about sportsmanship, hard work and teamwork.

Azzurri Sports Club would love to have some of that $3.5 million to upgrade their ground. Burnside Rugby Union Football Club, as the member for Newland knows, would love a new kitchen. They would love a new clubroom but, under the government's measures, they will not have access to the $3.5 million. Campbelltown City Soccer & Social Club would love an upgrade to their pitches. East Torrens District Cricket Club would also love an upgrade to their clubrooms. Hectorville Sports and Community Club are in dire need of new lighting. They will not be able to tap into the $3.5 million under the government's proposals.

Payneham Bowling Club have grand plans to upgrade their facility. Payneham Norwood Union Football Club is my old football club, where I won two premierships and learnt how to win. They, believe it or not, have to carry people with disabilities upstairs at the moment because they do not have a lift. It is an absolute shame. This government wants to cut funding from these sorts of clubs—that is disastrous; that cannot happen.

Tranmere Bowling and Tennis Club would also like to upgrade their facilities. They will not be able to tap into funding if the government cuts it. East Torrens and Kensington Gardens Hardcourt Tennis Club also need money for their court upgrades. East Torrens Payneham Baseball Club and East Torrens Payneham Lacrosse Club will also not have access to the $3.5 million if the government cuts it. Another organisation in dire need of an upgrade to their facilities is 1st Magill Scout Group; if the government cuts funding, that is going to be hard to do.

Kensington Gardens Bowling and Tennis Club is another one, as is the Payneham Swimming Club. The Payneham pool, as we know, benefits many families in the area. Pools are where young children, especially, learn how to swim. It is a fundamental asset in our area but, again, if the government cuts this sort of funding it is going to be much harder for these sorts of clubs to tap into this funding.

I commend the member for Chaffey for raising this motion, and I really do feel very strongly about this area. Sporting clubs and community clubs in our area are the backbone of our community, and it is incumbent on us, as local members of parliament, to do all that we can, and the government is certainly not doing that. I commend the motion to the house.