Tuesday 08 September, 2015

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (15:48): I thought I would bring the house's attention to some functions that I attended in and around the winter break. I would like to speak about those community organisations and the great work that they are doing starting with, firstly, the Campbelltown Chess Club. I was fortunate enough to attend the Campbelltown Chess Club annual awards at the weekend, which were actually held at Thorndon Park in the suburb of Paradise. There was a barbecue provided by one of the local Rotary clubs. I commend Sabrina and David—two of the organisers of the Campbelltown Chess Club—for the good work that they do.

I was fortunate enough to be able to donate and present a couple of trophies to the B grade most improved junior player and also the C grade most improved junior player. I would like to thank the parents who, all year, have supported their children at the Campbelltown Chess Club, as well as the organisers of the club, the committee, who do a fantastic job offering this activity to the children of Campbelltown.

Furthermore, I had the great pleasure of hosting the Campbelltown Uniting Church evening fellowship group just before the break and they were also a pleasure to host. They do a number of fantastic mission-type functions in the community. They raise money, have an annual fete, have a domestic violence supporting role and do great work in the community. I would like to commend them for the marvellous work that they do and encourage them to keep at it.

I also attended the St Joseph's, Tranmere official opening of a refurbished administrative area. The function this morning was attended by several students and parents as well as teachers of the school. The students did a fantastic job this morning. We were blessed to have a fantastic array of music and listen to some of the students speak. I commend the school for the good work that they are doing and I look forward to attending their upcoming fete that they have every two years.

Recently, I attended the Hectorville Sports and Community Club's junior football presentation. I would like to pay tribute to Sandy McCulloch who is the director of strategy and marketing at the Hectorville Sports and Community Club. A few years ago Sandy joined the club and she has transformed it. She has taken it from a traditional football club to a much broader club.

The Hectorville Sports and Community Club has several sports. They play netball, tennis and football. They are also looking to incorporate other sports at this organisation. It is a huge club with hundreds of members and it always is a joyful day when I attend the junior presentation day. It was a pleasure to pay tribute to the parents at the club for the supporting role they have for their children throughout the year, as well as the junior players. There was a jumping castle and a barbecue and it was quite a joyful event. I would like to commend the Hectorville Sports and Community Club for all that they do in the community.

After speaking about some positive things, unfortunately I do have to draw the house's attention to another broken promise under this Labor government in my electorate. This comes on the back of other broken promises in the Hartley electorate. Firstly, I refer to the Glynde substation, which the Labor party promised before the last election to provide alternative land for. They still have not provided it. Secondly, there is the Paradise Interchange. They promised to build extra car parking, but they have not done that. Thirdly, there is Lochiel Park. Seven years later, Lochiel Park residents still do not have the recycled water that they were promised.

Finally—and hopefully this is the last broken promise, but I can only hope—I refer to the BIRCH facility at Felixstow. During estimates, I asked the health minister about his intentions and the department's intentions for the BIRCH facility and I specifically said, 'Does the government have any intention to sell the site, move the site or close down any facilities from the site?' He said, 'As far as the facility itself, there are certainly no plans to change it.' Then I read on the front page of last week's Messenger that the Felixstow Brain Injury Rehabilitation Community and Home is to close, leaving residents in Adelaide's east in the lurch. I would like to discuss this on another day.