Thursday 19 May, 2022

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (16:49): A giant of the law, a juggernaut of the Liberal Party, an inspiration to professional women, it is with some sadness that I also rise today to pay tribute to the member for Bragg.

Like many of us in this chamber, we are elected here by the collective efforts of many, not only the people who vote us into these seats respectively but also the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Like the member for Dunstan, I have also been paired with the member for Bragg in the past. It is fair to say that without the efforts of the member for Bragg and her SEC, many of whom are here, I simply would not be in this place.

I will certainly miss those movie fundraisers at the Regal Theatre with the volunteers, the ladies of the Bragg SEC and their cut-up sandwiches, freshly baked scones and all the rest of it that she and her SEC have done for literally decades to make sure that we raise the volunteers and the funds so that we can continue to allow people to be elected to this place.

The member for Bragg has always been a reservoir full of advice. I will never forget her quirky Christmas cards. She has given plenty of advice to me over the years, such as, 'About time you got married,' and, 'Why don't you sell your puppy so that you can have a child with your wife?' Whether it be personal advice or professional advice, Vickie has also been a ferocious advocate for what is right. I have been proud to be in the trenches with her for several years.

When you are elected to a seat like Bragg, expectations are high because you are expected to be here for a long time and you are expected to go far: Vickie has exceeded all those expectations. She has served in the highest of offices and it is certainly the case that we will never see another Vickie Chapman in this place.

Congratulations, Vickie, on all your achievements. Good luck in the next part of your journey. Thank you very much for your frank, your fearless and your honest advice and counsel.