Thank You

Wednesday 30 March, 2022

Thank you to the people of Hartley for electing me for another four years. Being elected to Parliament to be a voice for your community is one of the highest honours.

As the residents of Hartley have stuck by me, I will stick by them. The work has already begun to continue making improvements to our local area and state. I will continue to work hard, to be accessible and to advocate as best I can.

It takes a village to support a campaign. My heartfelt thanks must go to my wife Charissa for her unwavering love and support. And our little boy Leonardo who everyday fills our heart with love. Our families, friends, my staff, volunteers, and other supporters. This victory is also yours.

They say no person is more unhappy than they who never face adversity. On a local level I thank Trent and the South Australian Labor Party, as well as Baeley from the Greens for campaigning for public office. The contest and battle for ideas that our democratic system allows is vital. Thank you also to all the ECSA staff for their help in facilitating the election in such a challenging time.

We fully, with the great humility, respect the will of South Australians at the recent election. The new Government has an opportunity now, and the opposition will hold it to account.