Wednesday 04 June, 2014

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (21:00): Can I firstly begin by also echoing the sentiments of our leader that we in Hartley, representing many people who travel to the city for work, education and recreational activities, are also against this toxic car park tax, and we will certainly be opposing this tax when it is voted on.

Tonight, I wish to allude to three community projects. There is an array of projects that I could draw the attention of the house to, some of which I have touched on in previous speeches, but tonight I wish to speak on three community projects in the Hartley area, and I implore and ask the government to support these. The three projects are, first, the Campbelltown Leisure Centre, secondly, the Hectorville Sports and Community Club upgrade and, thirdly, the Felixstow master plan.

Beginning with the Campbelltown Leisure Centre, the centre is a fantastic facility. However, it requires substantial upgrade and there are, currently, plans to redevelop it. For those in the house who are unaware, it is actually the signature sporting and community redevelopment project being undertaken in the north-eastern suburbs. Both sides of politics had the opportunity before the March state election to put their case forward for an upgrade. Unlike those opposite me, it was only the Liberal Party that had the courage and the conviction to commit more funds to this project to ensure that an eight-lane FINA-qualified swimming pool would be featured in this upgrade.

As well, we are going to make sure there is a cafe in the upgraded leisure centre. We are going to make sure that children in Hartley will have the opportunity to learn to swim in the heart of Hartley, in Campbelltown. When the local government, the Campbelltown City Council, went to those opposite a second time and asked them to provide some money, the previous member for Hartley was unable to deliver that.

But I am here and I am proud to say that, because of the state Liberals' lobbying, there will be an upgrade of the Campbelltown Leisure Centre. It is going to be over $22 million. It will include $7.5 million being contributed by the local federal member for Sturt's government and $3.6 million contributed by the state government, and the rest will be contributed by local government and organisations.

It is, obviously, a facility that is used by thousands of visitors, sporting users and recreational users every month, and I am proud to say, Deputy Speaker, that calisthenics will be conducted at the centre and you are more than welcome. Once the ribbon is cut and it is opened, I will buy the Deputy Speaker a coffee and I will take you through the—

Mr Gardner: A cup of tea.

Mr TARZIA: Yes, a cup of tea, perhaps. I will take you through the facility, and let's work out a way that calisthenics can play a major part in the north-eastern suburbs. We would be happy to accommodate that in Hartley.

Obviously, there are a number of benefits of this leisure centre. There are the recreational and amenities aspects and, also, the fact that it will employ dozens of local people in the area. Obviously, there are many benefits in sport. Sport teaches you how to win, which is what we did in Hartley—we won. It teaches you how to lose as well, which sometimes is part of life, as we all know. It teaches you about being disciplined and being healthy.

I would certainly encourage the Treasurer, if he is listening at home (and I know he listens at home at times to these debates), since he does write the cheques, to please dig deep and put some money aside for the Campbelltown Leisure Centre, the Hectorville Sports and Community Club and the Felixstow master plan.

This leads on to my second project, the Hectorville Sports and Community Club, a fantastic local sporting club; a club which has over 700 members, I am led to believe, and it features many sports. It is actually in its 50th year, and what better way to help that club than by providing some funds to this great organisation? Of course, again, both sides of politics had the opportunity to make a pledge to this sports and community club. The Liberal candidate for Hartley—who is now myself as the member—pledged $57,000 to the Hectorville Sports and Community Club. Unfortunately, the previous member for Hartley short-changed the club and only committed $43,000. What an absolute shame that was.

The club is a great club, but the facilities are quite ageing in some areas, and I would encourage the current government and the Treasurer, if he is listening, to help these people out at the Hectorville Sports and Community Club. It is a fantastic club. Hundreds of volunteers go week in and week out. They cook the sausages at the sausage sizzles; they sell the scones during the week; they do all kinds of things to make this club run financially.

They have a big wish list that they wish to expand on, including greater disability access in terms of a ramp, an extended balcony, a new members area, a general clubroom upgrade, as well as a kitchen and bar area refurbishment, and improved lightning. It is a great club, but it could be much better, and I would encourage the current government to dig deep and help the Hectorville Sports and Community Club in the upcoming budget.

I want to talk a little bit about the notable recent achievements of the club. Firstly, in 2009 Hectorville were premiers in division 6 A grade premiers; in cricket most recently they were the B grade premiers of the B3 competition in 2002 and 2003; in netball they have also a wide range of achievements, including in 2013 being the sub 4 junior premiers; and in tennis, they were division 3 girls winter premiers in 2013. It is a fantastic club, but it could be much better if this government took them seriously and gave them a bit more money than $43,000.

My final point, because I know it is getting late at night, is the Felixstow Reserve Master Plan. This is a great example of different tiers of government working together for a great cause. We all know that water is a very scarce resource, especially in the north-eastern and eastern suburbs. We have had some dry spells over the years, and what is a more precious resource than our water?

I am pleased to say that the Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council, the council that I was a part of for almost four years as a local councillor, has taken the lead role, and it is a commendable role, to make sure that they develop the Felixstow Reserve Master Plan. It is about 1.5 hectares to two hectares and it is likely to be turned into a wetland as part of a $28 million Waterproofing the East project which was announced last year. I am proud to say as a local councillor I was part of the council which approved the planning process for this.

The council has currently pledged to spend $85,000 developing a master plan for the Langman Grove Reserve in conjunction with plans to harvest stormwater at the reserve. Now, this is obviously in addition to the $9.5 million promised by the federal government. It is a great example, I am led to believe through speaking to His Worship the Mayor this morning, of five council areas working together for a fantastic cause.

Other works suggested for part of the reserve include viewing platforms for the wetland, some artwork, some walkways, and other new and exciting facilities for the whole community to enjoy. I am certainly looking forward to updating the house over the coming months and the coming years as to how this development has affected and improved the local area.

I am hopeful that this is a successful project, unlike the Rann government project in Lochiel Park which to this day continues to have a failed gross pollutant trap (GPT), and those poor residents in Lochiel Park in Campbelltown have not been able to access recycled water since the inception of the development. Shame on this government. While I am at it, I also implore the government to dedicate funds to make sure that the GPT in Lochiel Park in Campbelltown is fixed.

This is a great sustainable project. It is a fantastic opportunity. It will allow people and our local council area to be self-sufficient, you could say. I call on the government to contribute not only to this project but the three projects that I have mentioned tonight. As I said, I hope the Treasurer is listening and writes these projects, with due respect, with some money in the upcoming budget.