Standing up for our community

Wednesday 07 January, 2015

The Emergency Services Levy and Labor’s Concession Cut

Thank you to the over 1000 households who have returned our Emergency Services Levy (ESL) survey, sending a clear message to the State Labor Government that together our community will not stand to be ripped off.

I have been listening to our community which has overwhelmingly rejected Labor’s savage hikes to the ESL and their shameful attempt to remove pensioner concession payments on local government rates.

South Australia is already the highest taxed state in the nation. The State Government’s attack on families by increasing the ESL and attempting to remove pensioner concession payments is a clear demonstration of how out of touch they are with ordinary South Australians. We remain committed to restoring the remission on the ESL. This will deliver an annual $168 tax cut for owners of a home worth $450,000. This would save you $672 over the life of the Government.

But it isn’t just the ESL increases that Labor has imposed on South Australians. Steven Marshall and I are fighting for the many pensioners in Hartley to stop Jay Weatherill and Tom Koutsantonis reducing pensioner concession payments. Many families simply cannot afford the State Government’s damaging tax increases.

The South Australian Government is the only State Government in Australia to cut pensioner concessions despite all states facing the same situation from Canberra.

This is another example of State Labor’s damaging and inadequate band-aid policies, desperately trying to justify South Australia’s record debt created by the Labor Government’s sheer inability to balance their broken budget. The State Liberal Party does not support Labor’s pensioner concession cut. We will oppose it in the Parliament with the support of the crossbench MPs.

My office has been flooded with calls and emails to sign our petition to save pensioner concessions. Hundreds have signed it to help fight Labor’s cuts. If you oppose Labor’s pensioner concession cuts, I encourage you to sign my petition. If you wish to sign my petition, please come to my office at 25A Montacute Road, Campbelltown, or we can send one out to you.

We are committed to lowering the cost of living and easing the burden on families, business, and our community. I am dedicated to protecting pensioners from Labor’s damaging
cuts and delivering on the Liberal promise to reverse the harmful increases in the ESL and save your pensioner concessions.