South Australia to host National Road Safety Week

Monday 29 March, 2021

South Australian bridges, buildings and icons will light up yellow to honour the memory of the 1,200 lives lost on Australian roads each year over the past decade.

The commemorative display will coincide with National Road Safety Week – an annual initiative that highlights the impact of lives lost, road trauma and ways to reduce tragic road incidents.

South Australia will lead the crucial fight to reduce the number of lives lost on our roads this year by hosting the week-long event in partnership with the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group.

Road Safety Minister Vincent Tarzia said the Marshall Liberal Government is dedicated to preventing further lives lost and is pleased to be collaborating with SARAH from 16 – 23 May.

“We tragically lost 1,106 lives on our roads across Australia last year, including 93 South Australians who didn’t arrive home,” Minister Tarzia said.

“The far-reaching grief and trauma caused by serious injuries and lives lost on our roads is devastating.

“National Road Safety Week highlights the importance of safe driving at all levels in our community. Every year, hundreds of initiatives are implemented across the country to encourage Australians to survive the drive.

“We are proud to host this year’s campaign and I ask every South Australian – and Australian – to take this opportunity to Think! Road Safety. Commit to looking after yourself and others on the road.”

The yellow display will be seen at Adelaide Oval, the Riverbank footbridge and Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Additional buildings supporting the campaign are anticipated to be announced soon.

SARAH President and founder Peter Frazer created Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week in 2012 just months after his 23-year-old daughter, Sarah, died in a crash that shocked the nation.

Sarah lost her life on 15 February in a horrific and preventable crash caused by a distracted truck driver.

A year later, Mr Frazer’s initiative, spurred on by the memory of Sarah, spread across state borders and the event transformed into National Road Safety Week.

Each day of this year’s campaign focusses on a different “at risk” road user group with an overarching theme of “Drive So Others Survive!”

“Everyone has a right to get home safe to their loved ones, every day, no exceptions,” Mr Frazer said.

“Each year on average, approximately 1,200 Australians are killed on our roads and another 40,000 are seriously injured.

“Like the crash that killed my own beautiful daughter, the vast majority of these are completely avoidable.

“Each time you get into a vehicle, it’s not just about looking after yourself. It’s about actively protecting all those who are vulnerable on the road ahead.

“So as we come up to the week, we are asking everyone to, firstly, make your commitment to “Drive So Others Survive”, then tie a yellow ribbon to your vehicle and publicly show that you are a road safety champion.”

This year’s National Road Safety Week will coincide with, and form part of, the United Nations Global Road Safety Week, which will be held between 17 – 23 May.

For more information about Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week, and to access resources, please visit