Smoother Safer Roads

Sunday 26 September, 2021

We are supporting around 500 jobs to make the roads you travel on smoother and safer. We inherited a major road maintenance backlog and have been progressively working through the list to deliver a safer, more effective, road network.

Road resurfacing works currently underway:

  • Port Road outbound carriageway (Grand Junction Road to East Avenue)
  • Marion Road (Henley Beach Road to Richmond Road and Mooringe Avenue to Anzac Highway)
  • Greenhill Road (Glynburn Road to Glen Osmond Road)
  • Golden Grove Road (North East Road to Park Lake Drive)
  • Salisbury Highway (Elder Smith Road to Port River Expressway)
  • Richmond Road (Marion Road to Grove Avenue)
  • South Eastern Freeway pavement rehabilitation

Road resurfacing works set to start before the end of 2021:

  • Anzac Highway outbound carriageway (Marion Road to Morphett Road)
  • South Eastern Freeway, Portrush Road and Cross Road intersection
  • Cross Road (Fullarton Road to South Eastern Freeway)
  • Shepherds Hill Road (Northcote Road to Main Road)
  • Stephen Terrace (North East Road to Payneham Road)
  • Crittenden Road (Grange Road to Amanda Avenue)
  • Glynburn Road (Magill Road to Payneham Road)
  • Montague Road (Nelson Road to Berryman Drive)
  • Payneham Road/Lower North East Road (Laver Terrace to James Street)

Road resurfacing works already complete:

  • Henley Beach Road (Rodgers Avenue to Lisa Court)
  • Fullarton Road (Glen Osmond Road to Carrick Hill Drive and Rundle Street to north of the Britannia Roundabout)
  • Darley Road (Gorge Road to Longview Road)
  • Kensington Road (Portrush Road to Britannia Roundabout)
  • McIntyre Road (North East Road to The Golden Way)
  • Gorge Road (Lower North East Road to Darley Road)