SAPOL search uncovers stash of fake driver’s licences

Friday 16 July, 2021

An ongoing SAPOL investigation into identity theft has seen four alleged offenders arrested after a search of a western suburbs home uncovered more than 100 fake or stolen licences, health and bank cards.

When SAPOL officers arrived at the home in May, three occupants were allegedly printing false South Australian driver’s licences.
Approximately 119 identity cards – including credit and debit bank cards and Medicare cards – were found along with amounts of amphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Four people were arrested for dishonestly dealing with documents and unlawful possession.

The significant seizure is included in SAPOL’s May crime statistics, which show a slight 9% rise in Fraud, Deception and Related Offences, but highlight another huge drop in Total Offences Against Property – this time by 20,082 crimes.

“Crime trends are closely monitored by SAPOL and criminals who think they can get away with ripping South Australians off with fake identification cards are on notice,” Police Minister Vincent Tarzia said.

“SAPOL recognised activity in identity theft crime, acted quickly, and made four significant arrests and seizures of potentially fraudulent cards.

“The incredible efforts of South Australian police officers are on display once again.”

In a separate May incident, a tub of methamphetamine paste, weapons and other drugs were discovered after two men were found hiding under a water tank in the backyard of an Adelaide Hills property.

A bag of crystal methamphetamine and a small amount of cannabis was also found. Both men – aged 28 and 29 – were arrested and bailed with conditions.

“Crime and illicit drugs in the community will not be tolerated and SAPOL continues to prove this,” Minister Tarzia said.

“Law-abiding South Australians can help put crooks in cuffs too by remaining vigilant. Please report suspicious activity to Crime Stoppers SA on 1800 333 000 or make a report online at”

SAPOL’s May crime statistics show the state’s overall crime rate is 27,646 offences lower when compared to the same 12-month period 10 years ago.

Further decreases have also been recorded, detailing widespread reductions in crime during the 12-month period from June 2020 to May 2021 when compared to the previous rolling year:

  • Offences Against Person/Property decreased by 16% or 18,823 offences.
  • Serious Criminal Trespass decreased by 27% or 4,415 offences.
  • Total Offences Against Property decreased by 20% or 20,082 offences.
  • Theft and Related Offences decreased by 25% or 13,946 offences.
  • Other Theft decreased by 28% or 7,327 offences.
  • Theft from Motor Vehicle decreased by 22% or 2,480 offences.
  • Property Damage and Environmental decreased by 9% or 2,095.

A minimal 6% rise in Total Offences Against the Person is a result of legislative and system changes to the recording of particular offences within the category. It does not reflect an actual increase in offending.