SAPOL bust offenders using fingerprints

Friday 16 October, 2020

Crimes against people and property plummeted in South Australia during August, with 4,559 fewer offences committed in comparison to the same 12-month period over 2019/20.

SAPOL’s latest crime statistics show a 4% decrease for the category, which encompasses all criminal offences against victims, homes, businesses and motor vehicles.

The promising drop is in line with recent data that reveals South Australia’s overall crime trend is 4% lower than 10 years ago.

“The safety and security of every South Australian is a priority for the Marshall Liberal Government,” Minister for Police Vincent Tarzia said.

“Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline police officers continue to be proactive in their duties and today’s figures reflect this.

“The August data shows an extra 4,845 offences were committed in the 2011-12 rolling year under the previous Labor Government. Notwithstanding this year’s unique circumstances, these statistics show South Australia is a safer place now than it was 10 years ago.

“Since coming into Government we have invested more than $80 million into safety and security. This includes $18.6 million for Stage 2 of the District Policing Model which has strengthened SAPOL's ability to police the local community.”

Today’s data also shows a 55% fall in Common Assault offences, while Serious Criminal Trespass crime continues to be actively policed by SAPOL with another substantial decrease, this time by 11%.

Examples of this were evident following two recent incidents of Serious Criminal Trespass in Adelaide’s inner suburbs at Ovingham and Mile End. Western District police officers responded to the locations after car keys, cash and jewellery were reported stolen. Well-trained Crime Scene Investigators obtained fingerprints, which were used to identify the alleged offenders.

“A targeted operation was established, and several suspects were arrested, resulting in the swift recovery of the high-value items within a day,” Minister Tarzia said.

“People who think they can steal and threaten the safety of innocent South Australians are sorely mistaken.”

Other Offences against the Person decreased by 23%, Total Offences against Property decreased by 5%, as did Theft and Related Offences, while Fraud Deception and Related Offences decreased by 9%.

Total Offences against the Person increased marginally by 2% and includes rises in Serious Assault Resulting in Injury and Serious Assault Not Resulting in Injury. Growth in these categories is partly attributed to legislative changes made to the classification of serious assaults.