Tuesday 08 August, 2017

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (15:19): At the weekend, I had the great pleasure to support Ripples Community Arts Inc for their Edgy art exhibition as part of SALA 2017. It was held at The Gym on Brookway Drive, Campbelltown, in my electorate. It was a great event attended by many in the Lochiel Park family and surrounding areas as well, with many of their family and friends. It was a great opportunity to look at what was a very interesting and varied exhibition of high-quality art aspects.

Ripples Community Arts Inc was formed to provide a forum where artists of an array of ages from all kinds of walks of life in Campbelltown and surrounding areas can cooperate, support and encourage each other in their artistic endeavours. In that process, Ripples has been able to increase the visual amenity of Campbelltown and not only help create a unique identity for the local area but also contribute through art to creating a shared history, feelings of belonging and a sense of wellbeing for residents of Campbelltown and nearby areas.

They also engage local residents of all ages, including schoolchildren, in the creation of community artworks. They run workshops and other educational events for each other and for interested people. They exchange ideas and information amongst members and support and encourage emerging and young artists in Campbelltown, a number of whom were present that day. They support and promote small arts businesses and arts markets in Campbelltown. They also promote local artists as teachers, conductors, producers and other roles whilst promoting the sharing of art across diverse cultural communities in our local area. It is very inclusive.

Many people are continually encouraged to come up with ideas or projects that can be considered by Ripples members. I especially would like to thank the committee: Dave Parker, the chair of the Ripples Community Arts committee, and Pam Gunnell, the secretary, as well as the rest of the committee for doing the fantastic job they do. While I have a short time this afternoon, I want to commend some of the artists from the 2017 SALA at Ripples Community Arts. It was a real pleasure to look at their wonderful displays of artwork, and I know that a lot of time goes into making them.

I will start with Jenny Bates, Elise Bennett, Helen Blackman, Paul Blackman, Jen Campbell, John Campbell, Leanne Campbell, Ken Dyer, Alicia Gerkens and Pam Gunnell. Helen Nichols had a juxtaposed image of a variety of the magical buildings of India. Others included Karen O'Brien, Dave Parker of course, Judy Parker, Bruce Rossini, Rayna Schofield, Erica Walker and Julienne Webb. Jill Whittaker had a few items, and I particularly enjoyed looking at her Fox Glacier New Zealand piece. There were also many others.

I again commend the local artists and thank them for their investment of time and effort in our local community. This group does a fantastic job; we are certainly very lucky to have them. I will continue to do everything I can as the member for Hartley to help Ripples Community Arts in the various projects they continue to lead in our local area. I wish them well and I thank them once again for their efforts. I commend them to the house.