Paradise Interchange - Labor’s broken promise

Saturday 01 November, 2014

I am very disappointed to advise that the State Labor Government has announced that they will be breaking their promise to deliver an upgrade to the Paradise Interchange car park.

I take this opportunity to guarantee the Liberal Party’s continued commitment to this upgrade. Whenever we form Government, we will immediately proceed to undertake the Interchange upgrade.

You may remember that for many years the Government argued that such an upgrade was unnecessary, as a result of their agreement with the nearby Church to allow commuters to utilise the Church car park (which is of course several hundred metres away). There was a prolonged campaign by the local community, with my support, including a petition to the Parliament signed by more than 1000 commuters and local residents, and a motion to the Parliament that the Labor Party opposed.

Finally, in the year leading up to the election, the Government announced in its Budget that they were making funds available for the upgrade we’ve all been calling for, and we thanked them for that. As a result, the poor state of the Interchange was not an election issue.

The Labor Government have now broken this promise, announcing that they will no longer proceed with the upgrade. Once again they have made promises before an election only to scrap them afterwards, as a result of their failure to manage the State’s Budget. We are disappointed, but I will keep holding this Government to account, and I will keep advocating for the local infrastructure our community needs.