Tuesday 02 March, 2021

Final Stages

The Legislative Council agreed to the bill with the amendments indicated by the following schedule, to which amendments the Legislative Council desires the concurrence of the House of Assembly:

No. 1. Clause 7, page 3, after line 36—After subclause (1) insert:

(1a) Section 75A(2)(a)(v)—delete subparagraph (v) and substitute:

(v) has—

(A) in the case of an applicant for a learner's permit authorising the driving of a motor bike—completed the motor bike driver training prescribed by the regulations and complied any other requirements prescribed by the regulations; or

(B) in any other case—complied with any other requirements prescribed by the regulations in relation to the class of motor vehicle in respect of which the permit is sought; and

No. 2. Clause 10, page 8, line 19 [clause 10, inserted section 79A(3)(b)(ii)]—Delete 'examiner.' and substitute:

examiner; and

No. 3. Clause 10, page 8, after line 19 [clause 10, inserted section 79A(3)]—Insert:

(c) in the case of an applicant for a licence authorising the driving of a motor bike—the applicant has completed the motor bike driver training prescribed by the regulations.

Consideration in committee.

The Hon. V.A. TARZIA: I move:

That the Legislative Council's amendments be agreed to.

I thank members in the other place for their cooperation and advise that the government has agreed to Ms Bonaros's amendments. I thank her for those sensible amendments. These amendments effectively flag reforms the government is already pursuing in respect of training requirements for learner and returning riders.

I am grateful to Ms Bonaros for the constructive way in which she approached this important bill and I am grateful to all members for their support of these important reforms. We know that one life lost on our roads is one too many, and our government will continue to implement measures to reduce lives lost on our roads and ensure that all road users stay as safe and as protected as possible.

Mr ODENWALDER: I have a question before I vote on this. In the last debate, minister, we talked about the review into the training regime that has been completed by KPMG. I think it is with cabinet or at least it is with you. Do you have any further information about when that will be released publicly?

The Hon. V.A. TARZIA: I thank the member for the question. At present, member for Elizabeth, I am still awaiting advice from the department. It has not been provided to me yet. I will be sure to update the member if it is appropriate in due course, but I just do not have that information at the moment.

Motion carried.

At 17:48 the house adjourned until Wednesday 3 March 2021 at 10:30.