McNally Development Update

Saturday 01 November, 2014

I am committed to ensuring that the residents of Magill and the surrounding suburbs are informed and considered regarding the upcoming development of the McNally site.

Before the election, I made a commitment to continue to lobby the Government to ensure that, amongst other things, that the local community are informed about this site, and that local residents are considered regarding the traffic, infrastructure and noise impacts which the development will have.

On behalf of the residents of Magill and surrounding suburbs, I have sought the following information concerning the impact on the amenity of the area from Renewal SA:

  • Who will be the developer of the site?
  • What percentage of the site will be dedicated to affordable housing?
  • How many dwellings will there be?
  • What are the plans to accommodate the increased traffic flow to and from the area?
  • Will there be a road traffic management plan for the surrounding area?
  • When will development start and when must it finish by?
  • What will be the environmental impact of the development?
  • What other amenities will be affected by the development?

If any residents have any questions about this or any other development, please contact my office on 8365 1341.