Wednesday 18 June, 2014

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (15:20): I rise today to speak about the Magill Village master plan, which I will refer to as the master plan. It is a multimillion dollar proposal which will transform Magill into a retail, commercial and cultural hub in the near future, once established. It is envisioned that the plan will enhance the Magill and surrounding areas, supporting the needs of the social, recreational, educational, retail and commercial community. It will present a more appealing tourist destination and an overall attractive appearance and experience.

The plan has been formed with collaboration between the two local councils which partly fall into my electorate, namely, the cities of Burnside and Campbelltown. The Magill town centre is situated in the area surrounding the intersection of Magill Road and St Bernards Road. Many remainders of the original Magill township remain today, including the original school (Pepper Street Studios), the police station (Justin Gall Real Estate), the hall (the Magill Institute), and the hotel, which is now the Tower Hotel.

Both the Campbelltown and Burnside councils have endorsed the plan in principle. Once outlaid, the master plan will provide many beneficial aspects to the Magill area as well as to surrounding suburbs, which I will point out. In terms of pedestrian amenity, it will be better, with much new seating, lighting and paving featuring. There will be increased outdoor areas, public art, and an upgrade of public space will be an excellent promoter of private investment to the area. An effort to improve the landscape and increase lighting will furthermore increase the safety and vibrancy of the area.

Additionally, the plan features the management of trees and landscapes to allow shade as well as a unique character that makes the area appear pleasant overall. Water infrastructure will be sensitive so as to allow run-off to be dealt with before it enters the stormwater system. Strategic planting and landscaping will allow water to be nourished for new trees and plants. Pedestrian access and association will be enriched by green corridors which feature in the plan as well.

Street parking will be rationalised under the plan, and more pedestrian, cyclist and transit use will also be facilitated. Moreover, overall amenities through the provision of infrastructure in bike racks, drinking fountains and seating will support a stronger case for a cafe-type culture in the area to flourish. It is planned that natural materials with earthy tones will also be used to reinforce and reiterate the natural character of Third Creek and surrounding creeks to reiterate the local identity of the area.

These are just some of the benefits the master plan will afford. However, like many things, funding for the project remains the biggest hurdle. The local East Torrens Messenger, dated Wednesday 11 June 2014, reported:

Campbelltown and Burnside Councils are shelving plans to revitalise Magill Road due to a lack of funds…Both councils say they are unlikely to be able to fund the proposed multimillion dollar Magill Village project until 2016/2017.

As the member for Hartley, I will fight to ensure that our area gets its fair share. For too long under this Labor government, we have seen billions of dollars poured into pet projects around the state. This is a master plan which will deliver enormous benefits for the community. It will give our children more places to play, it will give our unemployed youth more opportunities to find work, it will give parents more diversity in choosing where to spend time with family, and it will give a greater vibe to an area which is good but could be much greater.

I would ask the state government to provide funding for this project in its coming budgets—we have a budget coming out tomorrow. I will continue to lobby the government of the day on behalf of our community to commit funding to the Magill Village master plan to ensure that this project goes ahead as soon as reasonably possible.