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Commuters have been left disappointed in recent years following a broken promise by the Labor Government to upgrade the Paradise Interchange car park to accommodate the large volume of passengers and vehicles using the service.

It is great to see so many locals making use of the O-Bahn service each day and it is one of the things I love about our community. Using public transport can greatly reduce your energy use and save you money on fuel, car maintenance and parking.

With so many great things going for public transport, it’s important that the government provides appropriate infrastructure for the high volume of passengers seeking to use the O-Bahn each day.

Following years of community petitioning and pushing the government to upgrade the interchange car park, the State Liberals pushed for the State Government to upgrade the Paradise Interchange car parking facilities. Despite the Labor Government’s 2014 pre-election promise to fund the upgrade, the upgrade they promised has not occurred. It’s time that the government was held accountable for this broken promise.

I pressed the government prior to the 2015 budget to deliver on their promise, and re-allocate funds for the improvements to be made. The government remained stubborn and no allocation was made.

It’s time the Weatherill Labor Government start accepting responsibility and give the north eastern suburbs what they promised them in 2014. The Labor Government must upgrade the Paradise Interchange car park, deliver the community the infrastructure they deserve and make this the best, most efficient transport system it can be.

This webpage is aimed at creating a discussion point between the community and me to identify concerns and solutions so we can move toward fixing this long standing problem.

Vincent Tarzia
Member for Hartley

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