Hartley Medal Winners

Thursday 08 January, 2015

The end of the school year is often a great time to reflect and acknowledge the wonderful achievements of students over the past year. In December 2014 I had the privilege of presenting the Hartley Medal to six outstanding students in our community.

The Hartley Medal is given to students who make the best all round contribution in their schooling life. It is not necessarily based on academic brilliance, but it aims to identify a range of qualities in a student which makes them a positive role model for their peers.

Congratulations to the medal winners:

  • Izzy Day of Norwood Morialta High School Senior Campus
  • Dylan Ho of Norwood Morialta High School Middle Campus
  • Leilani Snell of Felixstow Community School

Thank you to parents, volunteers and teachers, for their tireless efforts throughout the year. The unconditional support of parents, teachers and volunteers encouraging today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders is great. We have a wonderful community and it is an absolute pleasure to serve it.