Tuesday 30 June, 2015

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (15:46): At the weekend I not only attended one changeover function, but two. The first of those was for the Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise (a breakfast club), and the second was for the Rotary Club of Campbelltown. I wish to bring a couple of things to the house's attention today with regard to those wonderful clubs.

The Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise met at Sorelle Restaurant at the top of Magill Road for their annual changeover function. I congratulate president-elect Mina Ward, and wish her all the very best for this year. She is a hardworking, energetic and dynamic young leader in our community, and I know that she will do a wonderful job this year. I note that the Paul Harris Fellow medal was given to Mr Ian Carman, and I congratulate Mr Carman on his efforts, not only this year but also during the array of years that he has spent at that club doing great things for the community. I would also like to congratulate Mr Lindsay Davis, who was given a second Sapphire badge as well.

Many attendees were there on the morning, including Ronda Grigg, who is a friend of the Magill group; Carol McKenzie; Jeff Neale, who is a new honorary member; Colin Hill, who is past president; Siony Gardiner—happy birthday to her for the weekend, and she is also Rotarian of the Year for 2014-15 for this group. Then there was Ian Coat, Julie Carman, Shirlie Roberts, Graham, Colin Hill, Pauline Hill, Greg (who is the membership director), and Sergeant Mark Thomson. Mark Thomson is very, very funny man; he was that funny that people paid to make him sit down. It was quite entertaining, but you had to be there. Plus, there was Kirsty, Chris Gascigne, Bron, Councillor John Kennedy, and many partners and their families as well.

Magill Sunrise had a great year, and some of the past highlights this year have been these activities: there have been educational programs, educating those, especially younger than us, in our community; there have been many youth programs; and they have had various guest speakers. They are a breakfast club too, so if you want to get to this club before work, make sure that you are out by 9 o'clock. It is a fantastic club to join. They have also had programs in respect of youth wellbeing, and they have had a youth wellbeing activity for many years now. Plus, their attendance rate is over 75 per cent, which is quite commendable.

They have had youth awards. Further, they have also supported many of the local schools, especially Norwood Morialta High School and Mary MacKillop. I also brought the house's attention to the Reel Event, with regard to short films, which they have held recently as well, raising money for charities including Can:Do 4Kids. This year, they have also set up a great website. They have sponsored the Hectorville Sports and Social Club, they had an appeal going for the Nepalese, and they also assisted in funding for Headspace. They have had over 900 meetings now, and they put out weekly bulletins. I wish that club well.

Secondly, I also wanted to touch on the Rotary Club of Campbelltown, which also had their changeover function on the weekend at the Fogular Furlan Function Centre. I congratulate Mr Damian Leach, president for this year, as well as the vice president Milton Lewis, secretary Lynton Nicholas, treasurer David Fenton, president-elect Mary Vincent, and the immediate past president Frank Orlando. I thank Frank for his service and the service of his family as well over the past year and wish the incoming board and president all the very best.

I also wish well the directors for this coming year: community service, Bryan Schell; fellowship, Elizabeth Gagliardi; fundraising, Netty Heinrich; international service in the Rotary Foundation, Stephanie Martin; membership, John Schubert; vocational service, Vince Belperio; and youth service, Brad Silby. Club service is obviously a very important thing, and there are many people who serve the club well in that regard, including Mary Vincent, Dean Crook, David Munro, Reg Bennett, Bruce Davis, Ralph Holmes, Enzo Piperone, Margaret Northcote, Jeff Neale, David Fenton, Jeff Blanco, Michael McCabe, Babu Kanagasabai and Vince Belperio.

There is also the special projects group. They do a great job throughout the year, particularly in regard to three projects. They have an art show every year. My office is full of art from the Campbelltown art show. There is also Carnevale, obviously, as well as the shed convene. I congratulate and wish well Elizabeth Gagliardi, Vince Belperio and Brian Stevens in their involvement. I also thank those from the district who were good enough to join. They are two fantastic groups in my community. I thank the board for last year's involvement and wish the current board all the very best this year.