Thursday 26 May, 2016

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (15:26): I would like to bring the house's attention to some local updates from my electorate of Hartley. Recently, I had the good fortune of attending the Campbelltown Art Show and Sale. It is an event that has been held for many years now. The member for Morialta and I have enjoyed supporting the art show over the years and we both host offices with much art purchased from the Campbelltown Art Show. It is a fantastic cause to support.

Many of the artists are in fact local, and it is exceptional that we are able to support them through this art show. It is also a great way to support the fantastic Campbelltown Rotary Club, which does an array of works for the community: fundraisers, the art show, the monthly collection that they do in Newton. They support an array of activities to raise much-needed money for various charitable causes. I encourage those who are able to go along when they can to the Campbelltown Art Show, at the Campbelltown Function Centre at the top of Montacute Road, to support a fantastic local project.

I also had the fortune of supporting the 20th anniversary of the Magill Sunrise Rotary Club, an amazing Rotary club which has featured over 94 members during its 20 years of service. They too conduct an array of activities to support good local and also overseas charitable causes. They have just finished their Reel Event, which is actually an evening of short films that are made by South Australian filmmakers. I had the privilege of attending their event last night.

I would like to bring the house's attention to some of the films that are available to support during this year: Living Room; Injury Time; Doomsdays; Co-Oni; Central Texas BBQ; Grounded; The Little Girl; Enfilade; Too Dark; Peppercorn, Babycorn, Unicorn; and You and Me. I would encourage all those who are able to support local artists and support those in the film industry—you never quite know where these future directors and producers could end up. We are proud to host many of them right here in Adelaide.

The Returned and Services League of Australia Glynde RSL Sub Branch recently conducted their annual dinner, a they are a wonderful group of people. I would also like to thank them for their hospitality and the good service they provide in Glynde. We were welcomed by the master of ceremonies, Vice President Colin, and then a service of remembrance was conducted by President Geoff, who then went on to make the loyal toast. They played the national anthem. Grace was given by Vice President Colin and a toast to the RSL was undertaken by President Geoff.

We were also fortunate to be entertained by Colleen Bradke. It was good to see Mr Tim Gray, head of the LHI home in Glynde, which is a village of hundreds of residents in my electorate. It was a wonderful evening, and it is a privilege to support the club. I thank them for all that they do in the community, and for the hospitality they offered me that night. In recent times, I also supported the 21st annual graduation night of the Young Druze Professionals of South Australia. I would like to congratulate both the tertiary and secondary graduates. The tertiary graduates were: Miss Marina Aburas, Mrs Monica Mashtoub, Miss Lara Rasheed, Mrs Zeina Rasheed, Miss Natasha Raslan, Ms Rima Richani, and Mr Serge Zebian. The secondary graduates were: Mr Jad El-Banna, Mr Hisham El-Jourdi, Mr Jad Ghosn, Miss Lana Hassenieh, Miss Jana Humzy, Mr Majd Masri, Miss Meray Najjar, Mr Nader Obeid, Mr Mhammad Radwan, Mr Adam Rasheed and Miss Liana Salha.

The Druze community do a particularly good job at acknowledging the good deeds of their young people, and it was wonderful to be able to support and participate in the event. I commend the community for all they do, and I wish these young people all the very best for the future. I have no doubt that they will go on to do wonderful things in our community. I especially commend Mr Nidal Rasheed and Dr Aaron Areege Mohtar, who were community speakers, as they actually graduated from the same function not so long ago. It was great to see how much of an impact the graduation ceremony had had for them, and it is good to see them doing such prosperous things in the local community.