Tuesday 03 May, 2022

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (17:42): Thank you, Deputy Speaker, and congratulations on your ascension today. It is obviously the highest honour to serve in this place as a member of parliament. I would like to thank the people of Hartley for once again re-electing me for another four years. I would like to reflect on some of our achievements as a community together supporting each other.

I begin with the Campbelltown City Soccer Club, where $1½ million was delivered for the installation of an FFA quality certified synthetic soccer pitch and to build female change rooms and provide new fencing, which is being utilised by the community as we speak and fantastic to see.

One of the most recent achievements was to amend the Campbelltown planning guidelines. One of the major promises was to alter the development plan amendment at the time, which came into effect in 2019. That resulted in several key outcomes for people in Campbelltown, especially to increase the minimum allotment size for residential flat buildings, from an average of 150 square metres to 250 square metres.

There was also the intersection of Newton Road and Graves Street, an intersection that is used by thousands of motorists every single day. There we were able to deliver the upgrade of traffic lights to the Newton Road-Graves Street intersection, which was completed in about March 2020 for just over $3 million. As to the Paradise Interchange park-and-ride, I have to say that I have been using public transport a bit more in recent times—

An honourable member: There was public transport before.

Mr TARZIA: I am using it a bit more. It has always been good, but I am using it a bit more. We increased the car parking capacity at the Paradise Interchange park-and-ride to a total of 818 car parks, including nine Disability Discrimination Act 1992-compliant car parks, to exceed the election commitment of 775 car spaces, and provided 20 motorcycle and 32 bicycle parking spaces. It has been really enjoyable to see the community taking to that particular upgrade and utilising it.

Not only is there the park-and-ride but there is also better lighting and better asphalting, facade framing and installation, and footpath works around the car parks. The local works have also done a great job in beautifying the area, with things like painting and better shrubbery. It is looking good, and it is great to see the community using that.

The Silkes Road and Gorge Road intersection was a much-needed upgrade and what the government of the day was able to do, with the help of the community, was include the installation of traffic signals. With the project a major election promise, over $3 million in funding was secured for the redevelopment of that intersection, which is resulting in much better safety outcomes, especially for the residents of Paradise. We know that in the five-year period between 2016 and 2020 there were 18 crashes across the two junctions, with the majority involving vehicles turning right from Silkes Road into Gorge Road. If you are in that pocket of Paradise, we are really happy that we have been able to improve the amenity with the support of the community.

A number of upgrades have been happening. We know that Norwood International High School, formerly known as Norwood Morialta High School, has undergone an over $50 million upgrade. That will upgrade the capacity of that campus to 1,700 students, in order to co-locate all year levels on one site. The work continues: Charles Campbell College also received an $8 million facility upgrade, and Morialta Secondary College is an exciting one for the future. Over $80 million was obtained for the much-needed Morialta Secondary College in the east that is going to provide a world-class new school for students, including those, for example, in my electorate in the suburb of Hectorville.

If you ever travel up there, Magill Village is seeing millions of dollars of investment in collaboration with both the City of Burnside council and Campbelltown City Council. With the local federal member, the member for Sturt, we have been able to secure funding to the tune, collectively, of over $15 million to enhance that Magill Village area. There is lots happening in my community. I want to thank residents for their support and will continue to work hard every day for the residents of Hartley to make sure that it is the best that it can be.