Tuesday 02 June, 2015

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (15:39): Today I rise to commend and pay tribute to two wonderful organisations in my electorate: firstly, the Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise and, secondly, the Glynde RSL sub-branch. I had the great pleasure of attending The Reel Event. I know, Deputy Speaker, that you are a fan of short films, as I am. On 20 May they held a function at the Regal Theatre on Kensington Road featuring some of our best and sharpest artistic minds. I would like to go into some detail to explain the sorts of films that were shown that evening.

Firstly, Ringbalin:Breaking the Drought was about drought in Australia. In 2010, Australia was facing the worst drought in recorded history. At the end of a river in the Coorong, Ngarrindjeri elder, uncle Moogy, grew tired of watching his ancestral home die, and so united a group of different Aboriginal river nations in a 2,300-kilometre pilgrimage to dance the spirit back into the river and into themselves.

That was followed by Motorbike, which featured a young man on an old motorbike who was struggling to reach a date on time. We obviously do not want to do that, Deputy Speaker. That was followed by Love 2.0, which featured a young gentleman, Sam, and it was about the events that young people sometimes go through in adolescence. That was followed by Hazelwood, a particularly good film. The producer was Peta Kealy and the director was Veronica Buhagiar. It was based on a classic fairytale, Hansel and Gretel. Hazelwood in this instance was a modern retelling of the story told from the witch's perspective, with a twist. Hazelwood is a film about love, revenge and deceit and it focuses on issues surrounding women during World War II.

There were several other films. There was I've Been Everywhere, Man, produced and directed by Cameron Edser. Hi was produced by Tim Carlier and Matthew Cropley and directed by Heather Maggs. This is Africa was produced and directed by Benjamin Dowie. Coffee? was produced by Pia West and directed by Steve Lockley. Finally, Super Sounds was produced by Chloe Gardner and directed by Stephen de Villiers.

It was a wonderful evening attended by several hundred people. I would like to pay tribute to the Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise because they have run this event for several years and they donate funds, much of the time, to charities and organisations that are very worthy causes. I thank them for the invite and commend them for the good charity work that they continue to do. They are a breakfast club, Deputy Speaker, so if you are ever free on a Tuesday morning, I would implore you to visit the Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise. They meet at the Hectorville Hounds clubrooms just off Arthur Street.

I also wish to speak about the Glynde RSL, a wonderful community club in my electorate, who recently held their annual dinner. I would like to thank the president, Douglas Stewart, and the new president Geoff Peirce, as well as John Seeliger, the secretary, and the whole committee who put together a wonderful evening. Wonderful food was provided by the Kafé Schulze catering team, and great entertainment was provided by Vogue Duo. I would like to thank the honoured guests who visited that evening and also spoke on that occasion: Steve Larkin, the deputy state president of the RSL, as well as John Seeliger and president Geoff Peirce.

Marina, one of the lovely residents of the area, arranged beautiful flowers that night. They were wonderful, and I thank her for her good work. The Glynde RSL, like many RSLs in my area, have raised their concern about the way that this state government is treating veterans and the way it looks to treat the Repat Hospital. I would like to reiterate and put on the record that those concerns need to be listened to. It is about time that the state government took the concerns of our veterans in this state seriously.

I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise and the Glynde RSL, as well as the array of other community organisations in our area for the wonderful services they provide. They are the backbone of our community, and I thank them for their service to our local area.