Glynde Substation

Thursday 08 May, 2014

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (15:22): I rise today to speak about SA Power Networks' proposal to build an electricity substation on the corner of Barnes Road and Davis Road in Glynde, a suburb which lies in my electorate of Hartley. Unfortunately for the residents of Glynde, under the current proposal the site for this proposed substation is in the middle of residential Glynde, adjacent to the Aveo Retirement Village, which is home to dozens of elderly members of my electorate. These residents, as well as many others in Glynde, have raised significant objections to this proposal for many years and this controversial proposal was a central issue in the election that has just passed.

I acknowledge the hard work of people like Eunice Anderson who, as the president of the Glynde Aveo residents' committee, has worked tirelessly with her colleagues to fight for their views to be heard. I also acknowledge people like Mr Ian Rohde, who has vigorously argued against this substation being built in residential Glynde for many years. It is incumbent upon me as their local member to ensure that their views are heard and acted upon.

As the Liberal candidate for Hartley before and now as the member for Hartley, I will always fight to secure vital electricity supply to the people of Glynde and Hartley where I need to, and I understand that a substation may need to be built in the general area to guarantee that supply. However, the SA Power Networks' proposal is completely unacceptable to the residents of Glynde and to me. I have always believed in seeking an alternative site for this proposed substation, preferably in an industrial area. I look forward to working with SA Power Networks and the government to find a site which provides the least disruption to the suburb and to the residents.

I note that a final decision with regard to this proposal is likely to be made and delivered in the middle of this year. It is worth noting that four days prior to the recent state election, which was held on 15 March, the Labor Party distributed a letter to the people of Glynde which included an explicit commitment from this government to making government land available to ensure that the proposed substation can be relocated at an alternative site. I will hold this government to account for the promises that they have made to the people of Glynde.

The house will record that one of my first acts as a member of parliament was to write to the Premier on 9 April seeking his support and recommitment to the residents of Glynde and the people of Hartley, and asking what actions this government intends to take when SA Power Networks submits its final proposal. As yet, I have not received a reply from the Premier. Anything other than a complete reiteration and endorsement of his previous views and comments will be viewed by the constituents of Hartley as a betrayal, and feed into the deficit of trust that the Premier and this government already has with some of my constituents. I hope that the next time I raise this matter in the house this controversial and potentially damaging issue will have been resolved for the betterment of the people of Glynde and Hartley.