Tuesday 28 November, 2017

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (15:42): I rise today to speak to the recent Fund My Neighbourhood grants that saw a local project in Hartley successfully funded, namely, the Morialta netball and tennis club court and facilities upgrade. I congratulate the Morialta Netball Club, a fantastic organisation that over the past 10 years has seen tremendous growth, with over 120 families from the community actively involved in the netball club, which is run by many dedicated volunteers. The last resurfacing of these courts was over 20 years ago and they now have much cracking and lifting in many areas.

The benefits to the club, the Morialta Uniting Church and the associated community include the ability to continue to grow the club base and provide opportunities for the community to get involved and play affordable and fun netball. My thanks and congratulations go to all those who supported this important project at the club.

I also wish to speak to a number of projects that I hope will be funded in the future for the benefit of our local community; first is the irrigation infrastructure for state heritage area around Lochend House and environs. This project is looking to provide essential irrigation for Lochend House heritage and permaculture gardens. Another great project is the River Torrens Fifth Creek pedestrian bridge that looks to improve the walking trails of Linear Park in the area. This is a very enjoyable spot, especially over the summer months.

The aged-care community garden project narrowly missed out on funding but received over 100 votes. This project included a proposed community garden, with the aim of providing residents of the North Eastern Community Hospital aged-care facility with an opportunity to work with local community volunteers to cultivate and grow produce in a secure setting. There was also the Ripples Community Arts shed. They were looking to add a pottery kiln to enhance their work with pottery and also to provide workshops in pottery to the community.

There was also Foodprint farms in Hectorville, which is another project that received almost 100 votes. Footprint farms look to provide the skills and knowledge to transform what was otherwise unproductive household lawn into community-driven urban farms. St Georges Magill playground for children is a project that seeks to excavate and rebuild a playground for a variety of children and families who already use the area.

Other projects that I continue to speak on and advocate for in the future include the fence at Thorndon Park playground; Magill Kindergarten outdoor play space; safety at the major intersection of Glynde Corner; redevelopment of the il nido Children's Centre outdoor community space; the playground for Athelstone Football Club; a basketball area near Koongarra Avenue, Magill; a suburban outdoor grass volleyball court in Botanic Grove, Campbelltown; upgrading pathways at Paradise Primary School and extension of the school garden; installation of road humps and a bus stop at the corner of Giles Road and Penfold Road; an upgrade to the basketball court on Park Street, Campbelltown; and an electronic scoreboard for the Raggies, Athelstone Football Club.