Thursday 02 July, 2015

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (11:28): It is very disappointing that this government, after 13 years, cannot handle the truth. They cannot handle the truth, Deputy Speaker. They are afraid of truth, and they are afraid of transparency. We have had a report given by an independent ombudsman—May 2014. How much time do you need? What is the Attorney doing? I know what he is doing: the Attorney is writing poor dad jokes; that is what he is doing. Instead if writing poor dad jokes, he should be looking at the report of the Ombudsman.

If the Attorney looked at that report, he would see that there are a number of recommendations. He needs to get off his backside and put these recommendations into law, because this is a farce. The government is a farce; they cannot handle the truth. There are sensible recommendations, and they should put them into law and show the people of South Australia that they have nothing to hide.

I thank the speakers and all those who were consulted in the process, and, of course, the drafters of the bill as well. I commend the bill to the house.