Crushed cars drive home crucial road safety message

Friday 13 November, 2020

Hoon drivers convicted for shocking behaviour behind the wheel have had their cars crushed into scrap metal ahead of National Road Safety Week – an unapologetic warning for all South Australians as the Marshall Liberal Government cracks down on reckless motorists.

A Volvo and Holden were crushed at Sar Metal Management in Wingfield on Friday. The vehicles, valued up to $8,000, had been impounded and forfeited by the courts. The Volvo driver has been caught five times over a 10-year period for offences including driving disqualified, driving with a prescribed drug in oral fluid or blood, and driving with excess blood alcohol.

The driver also accrued 20 expiations from January 2010 for excess speeding, driving unregistered, driving uninsured, driving unlicensed and disobeying a red light.

The Holden owner committed two prescribed offences over a 10-year period – driving with a prescribed drug in oral fluid or blood and driving under disqualification or suspension.

The driver continued re-offending after conviction for driving disqualified.

Road Safety Minister Vincent Tarzia said blatant disregard for the safety of law-abiding road users will not be tolerated.

“Choose to be an idiot behind the wheel and your car could be crushed to pieces,” Minister Tarzia said.

“Sadly, this is what it takes to make some drivers realise their actions on South Australian roads have irreversible and tragic consequences.

“The crushing of these vehicles is nothing compared to the feeling that overcomes families when SAPOL officers knock on the door to deliver the devastating news that a loved one has been killed or seriously injured in a road crash.

“Too often crashes are caused by reckless drivers. Lives lost and serious injuries can be prevented but we must all play our part.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is yet again pleading with all South Australians to take care on our roads. National Road Safety Week can be the catalyst to change your behaviour.

National Road Safety Week runs from 15 – 22 November with the theme: ‘Pledge to drive so others survive’.

This annual initiative follows a $19.4 million commitment to road safety, announced this week in the Marshall Government’s State Budget 2020-21, for new fixed mobile phone detection cameras.

Cameras will be installed at high-risk sites across metropolitan Adelaide to catch distracted drivers who use mobile phones behind the wheel.

To date, 77 lives have been lost on state roads compared to 96 at the same time in 2019.

In South Australia, road crash injury is the second biggest killer of people aged 15 to 24. About 700 people are seriously injured every year.

Across the nation, road crash injury remains the biggest killer of children under 15 and the second biggest killer of all people aged 15 to 24.

More than 1,200 lives are lost every year in road crashes and another 44,000 Australians are seriously injured.

National Road Safety Week will focus on different areas throughout the awareness period:

  • Sunday 15 November: Remember the 1200 – at 12pm, pause to remember the 1200 people who die in road crashes every year.
  • Monday 16 November: Take the pledge, lead the way – take the online pledge to drive so you and others survive.
  • Tuesday 17 November: Safe driving to work – support employees and colleagues to drive safely so others survive.
  • Thursday 19 November: Protect every life – drive to protect vulnerable road users like pedestrians, children, seniors and the disabled.
  • Friday 20 November: Shine a light – drivers are five-times more likely to be killed on rural and regional roads. Turn on your headlights to show your support for their safety.
  • Saturday 21 November: Cyclists and motorcyclists – share the roads to protect cyclists and motorcyclists by giving them the space they need to be safe.
  • Sunday 22 November: Arrive home safe for your loved ones – the greatest gift you can give loved ones is to arrive home safe.

Whether you are driving for work, visiting friends, picking up children or heading off on holiday, lead the way and make our roads a safer place for all.

Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) lead National Road Safety Week.

Show your support for National Road Safety Week on social media by using the hashtags #nrsw and #drivesos