CFMEU honours John Setka’s personalised tram in bizarre wrestling video

Monday 16 January, 2023

The CFMEU has lapped up Peter Malinauskas’ warm welcome to South Australia by chanting and bizarrely wrestling in front of a publicly-owned tram emblazed with union propaganda that Labor has admitted is in breach of government rules.

See the video here:

Despite assurances from Labor the propaganda would be removed by mid-January, commuters continue to be confronted with CFMEU signage and a giant picture of John Setka, who has been convicted of harassing his estranged wife.

Industry sources say the Malinauskas Labor Government would have pocketed up to $50,000 for the CFMEU campaign.

The Malinauskas Labor Government has already admitted the CFMEU campaign breaches a rule banning political advertisements on government assets.

Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Vincent Tarzia said Peter Malinauskas should be embarrassed for failing to meet Labor’s own deadline for removing the CFMEU propaganda.

“Once again Peter Malinauskas has broken a promise – but this one isn’t surprising given he’s rolled out the red carpet for the CFMEU since the 2022 State Election,” Mr Tarzia said.

“We know political advertisements aren’t allowed on government assets, but Peter Malinauskas let it slide for his pal John Setka.

“Now it seems John Setka and his CFMEU thugs are being allowed to advertise on government assets because Peter Malinauskas doesn’t want to pick a fight with a union.

“Labor promised the CFMEU propaganda would be taken down by mid-January but this hasn’t happened with the tram still travelling up and down North Terrace and all the way to the Bay.

“Even more ridiculous is the CFMEU video of members – in what appears to be during work hours – chanting and wrestling in front of the tram.

“Peter Malinauskas has made a huge mistake by opening Pandora’s box and allowing John Setka and his CFMEU cronies to run wild without being checked.”