Thursday 17 November, 2016

Mr TARZIA (Hartley) (12:49): I move:

That this house—

(a) congratulates the Carnevale Italian Festival for celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2016;

(b) acknowledges the significant work and commitment of the Carnevale Italian Festival committee and volunteers, past and present, for continuously showcasing the vibrant and energetic Italian culture through the festival; and

(c) acknowledges the importance of their establishment, and the work they have done over the past 40 years in the promotion and preservation of Italian heritage and in doing so, enriching the multicultural landscape of South Australia.

As we know, our multicultural communities certainly enrich every aspect of our lives here in South Australia and have done for some time. We are richer as a state because of our multicultural communities. Whether it is our sport, our civic society, our food or our language, we are certainly enriched as a whole because of our multicultural societies and what they have added to the beautiful mosaic that is the multicultural society here in South Australia.

For 40 years, the Italian community in South Australia has celebrated one of the most popular traditions in Italy, which is obviously Carnevale. When we think about Carnevale, some may immediately think about the masks, sweets and parties. However, it is interesting to note, and the government should take notice, that the word 'carnevale' actually comes from the Latin expression 'carnem lavare' (to eliminate meat) as it originally indicated the banquet that was held before the period of fasting for Lent.

I am informed by many that the festival began in 1976, a long time ago, in Rundle Mall. I believe a parade went from Victoria Square to Elder Park before celebrations in Rundle Mall. In 2016, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the festival. The festival has also been hosted at various places throughout its history, including Rundle Mall, as I mentioned, but also Elder Park, Norwood Oval, Adelaide Oval, Rymill Park and of course its current home at the Adelaide Showgrounds.

The festival is a way of celebrating Italian culture and food and multiculturalism as well. Young people especially are certainly inspired to embrace their heritage, and I think it gives the wider community a great opportunity to experience Italian culture. Various Italo-Australian clubs and associations but also other organisations and businesses have always participated in the festival by either catering or displaying their region or their company at one of the stalls at Carnevale.

The festival is also of course used as a fundraising event for very good causes. It certainly raises much funding to cater for the welfare of our elderly in our community through the CIC, which is the Coordinating Italian Committee. The government has supported CIC for some years, as we have in the opposition, and other worthy charity community organisations are also supported.

At this point in time, I would like to say a few words about CIC and the good work that they do especially in assisting many of the elderly residents in our society. I think we have a duty as citizens to, when we are able, do what we can to help the frail and assist the elderly. CIC do a wonderful job in fundraising and making sure that they provide services for the elderly in our community by doing various things.

They have lunches, they have card games, and they have a service where people are able to seek counselling if they need it, and also take the pressure away from some families if there is a person who would like to get out and have some company. I know that, in my late grandfather's last days, CIC did a wonderful job in giving my grandmother some respite when my grandfather was not well. He was able to meet some friends and have some camaraderie with people despite his ongoing health issues.

They do a wonderful job. They are situated on Magill Road, and I would like to thank them, especially their executive, for the good work that they do. They are ably led by Angelo Raffaele Fantasia, but I would also like to thank Alida Tarca, Norma Panella, Nadia D'Antuoni, the dynamic Eugene Ragghianti, Lucrezia Ranieri, Antonietta Cardinale, Maria Aglieco, Carla Giglio, Anna Sheridan and Sally Feo as well as all the other staff and volunteers who do a great job in making CIC what it is. It is always a pleasure to attend their carer support group sessions, social lunches and shopping programs. It is great to see that they are still doing their physical activity programs as well.

I want to especially thank the various organisations that have been involved in the most recent Carnevale who do a wonderful job in making sure that this festival continues to thrive. Obviously, a festival like Carnevale is only as good as its sponsors and volunteers, so I would like to pay tribute to some of these organisations which have continued to support Carnevale, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I would like to pay tribute to Adelaide Blue Eagles Soccer Club, Adelaide City, Adelaide Olympic Soccer Club, Arena Community Club, ARIA (Association for Research between Italy and Australia), Bene Aged Care, Calabria Sport and Social Club, Campania Sport and Social Club, Campbelltown City Council, Campbelltown City Soccer Club and Campbelltown Rotary Club. I had the task of taking cash to the Campbelltown Rotary Club for some years, and making sure that it balances at the end of the day, and I am proud to say that it always did. They do a wonderful porchetta if you are ever looking for something to eat at Carnevale. They do a great job.

I would also like to pay tribute to Committee Giorno del Ricordo, City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters, Cucina Veneziana, Ducati Owners Club of South Australia, Eastern United Soccer Club, Eastern Zone Primary School Association, Ferrari Club Australia, Fulham United, The Italian Choral and Arts Society, Lions Club of Adelaide Italian, Marche Club (led ably by Cathy Papandrea and Vincenzo Papandrea), Mater Christi Choir, Metro Stars Soccer Club, The Monteverdi Singers, Paradise Primary School, South Australian Rocco Adelaide, St Francis of Assisi Choir, South Australian Bocce Federation Inc., Society of St Hilarion, West Adelaide Soccer Club and Working Title Press, as well as many individuals.

There are too many individuals to name, but I want to point out a few who have done a wonderful job over the years in supporting Carnevale, including the most recent one, such as the Bergamin family, Cardinale family, Cherubini family, Chirico family, Coppola family, Costa family, Anna Fantasia, Anthony Fantasia, Cavaliere Lorenzo Ferini, Frank Maione, Frank Malvaso, Cassandra Mamone, Emidio Marozzi, Silvana Marveggio, Cavaliere Professor Desmond O'Connor, Vincent Plush, Ernie Sorgini, Fabio Tarca, Paul Triglau and Peter Zinghini.

I would also like to thank Joe Geracitano, President of the Italian Historical Society of South Australia, for sending me a few notes regarding the history of Carnevale. I notice that it looks like the date of Carnevale will actually be moved next year, and I am sure members on the other side of the chamber will have something to say about that. Thank you, Joe, for providing some figures. It is also interesting to note some of our multicultural stats in South Australia which put this festival into context, but what I might do is adjourn for today and return at a later point in time to continue my remarks.

Leave granted; debate adjourned.