Alleged machete-wielding offender tripped up by SAPOL technology

Monday 30 August, 2021

DNA evidence has helped SAPOL arrest a male youth who allegedly concealed his identity with a mask before using a machete to rob a Port Lincoln service station.

Police say the youth entered the service station demanding cash and cigarettes in April. Despite escaping, stolen items were located nearby and were submitted for forensic examination.

The youth’s DNA was allegedly discovered on the items. He was arrested for aggravated robbery in June and remanded into custody by the court.

The arrest is recorded in SAPOL’s June crime statistics, which reveal a 24% drop in Aggravated Robbery offences.

Police Minister Vincent Tarzia said reductions in crime continue under the Marshall Liberal Government.

“SAPOL’s data reflects reduced crime in South Australia which is a testament to the hard work our police officers carry out each day to keep the community safe and strong,” Minister Tarzia said.

“The overall crime rate is a great snapshot of our current and envious situation here in South Australia, with another whopping decrease – this time by 15,751 offences – when compared to the same 12-month period 10 years ago.

“The Marshall Government proudly supports SAPOL to keep South Australians safe, but the protection of our officers is just as important.

“Almost 3,000 Multi-Purpose Load Bearing Vests (MPLBV) are being delivered to SAPOL to equip front line officers with advanced body armour.

“The Marshall Government is committed to keeping front line officers safe and our $8.5 million investment in the new armour is another way we’re protecting those who protect us.”

When the 12-month period from July 2020 to June 2021 is compared to the previous rolling year, the latest SAPOL data reveals that:

  • Offences Against Person/Property decreased by 12% or 14,125 offences.
  • Serious Criminal Trespass decreased by 22% or 3,466 offences.
  • Total Offences Against Property decreased by 16% or 15,319 offences.
  • Theft and Related Offences decreased by decreased by 20% or 10,808 offences.
  • Other Theft decreased by 23% or 5,909 offences.
  • Property Damage by Fire or Explosion decreased by 20% or 244 offences.

A slight 6% rise in Total Offences Against the Person is a result of legislative and system changes to the recording of particular offences within the category. It does not reflect an actual increase in offending.